[Assam] My First Web Page

Chan Mahanta cmahanta at charter.net
Fri May 18 08:06:59 PDT 2007

Good to hear from you Sanku,

I didn't realize what a terrific Ghazal singer you are. Thanks sooo 
much for sending the weblink. Even though I don't understand the 
lyrics, most of the time, I do indeed love Ghazals. In fact have a 
few in my iPod :-).

Netters, I swear, if you didn't know it was a 'kharkhowa' singing you 
would think these are sung by a some Urdu speaking ghazal singer from 
the northwest . He could easily bill himself as Sankulam Ali or
Sankujit Singh or Sankdi Hassan  ( See I do know a  thing or two 
about ghazal singers :-))

Also, you are very kind about my web-site building effort. Thanks. 
But it is a cat's meow, as they might say in the mid-west. That's ALL 
I can do, so far.  I wished I knew how to make it COOL, you know with 
all those thumbnails dissolving into wide-screen images and stuff 
like that? But coming from an IT guy like you, with a design 
background, I do take the compliment seriously.

Yes, I do hope to put up a few examples of my architectural work in a 
separate page, one of these months :-). Would love to see YOUR 
creative efforts too.

Best to you and Shravani.


At 8:45 PM -0400 5/17/07, sankumani sarma wrote:
>Dear Chandan da,
>What a website! We all liked it. Very simple and nice. I liked the 
>black background.
>Everything stands out in black. That's a very good choice. Looking 
>forward to see your arch projects.
>please visit http://mehfil.us
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>>Here are pages from my website:
>>The opening page is titled Welcome. You will see that on the top of
>>the page. Next to it is Photos. If you click on that heading three
>>pages of photos from Assam will appear. You can view them either as a
>>slideshow or as individual images by clicking on the thumbnails.
>>One of these days I hope to learn how to add text to the photos, with
>>some description.  Some of the flowers and fruit names are Assamese
>>names, transliterated. I haven't had time to verify English and /or
>>botanical names yet. But they are coming :-).
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