[Assam] Chelsea Clinton & Rahul Gandhi vs ManMohan's election: illiteracy

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Was just wondering that how much similar are the lives of children of heads of state. Chelsea Clinton had visited the ex King of Jaipur's City Palace and had dinner with him while her father and mother had to be content visiting the Jaigarh/Amer fort and dnacing with village women in March 2000. 

She was her father's representative then -- just like Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka are of their father and grandmother and great grand father - All Indian Prime Mininster (CEO) (no relation to Mahatma Gandhi -who is discussed in every school in US - chagning last name sometimes helps ??) So just like behavior of Chelsea would have reflected on her father and mother's image  - would the same be the case for Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. 

If Rahul had gone in business would he have to pay bribes (or be accused of doing so) to run his show or if he had become a college professor would he have been accused of not stepping into his father's shoes. Same of Chelsea Clinton or Bush's daughters.

It is a shame that Indian PM ManMohan Singh has to be elected by the back-door - not by the general public but by fellow politicians --  just becos the general public is so less educated that they have no understanding of economic policies and governance - and that public inlcudes most school teachers perhaps.

Any comments?


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