[Assam] US children learn how the govt can arrest people and what laws ....

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Fri May 18 10:14:08 PDT 2007


I was surprised to learn that in the required course on Government every student in US (in High School) has to learn about legal rules and how police gets authoirty to commit searches of poeple of cars and how the police can arrest someone without a warrant also.

Indian schools only teach about who are leaders and that we must vote in elections so that they can rule us :-)

PS: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/2plus4in2004/dip-standard.shtml

NOTE 3: Courses completed to satisfy this requirement shall include U.S. and Virginia History, U.S. and Virginia Government, and one course in either world history or geography or both. The Board may approve additional courses to satisfy this requirement.
                   NOTE 4: Courses to satisfy this requirement shall include at least two sequential electives as required by the Standards of Quality.


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