[Assam] [WaterWatch] Office of The President & APJ Abdul Kalam-CRITICISM NEED OF THEHour

mc mahant mikemahant at hotmail.com
Fri May 18 19:29:49 PDT 2007

Dear Doctor(Medical?) Omesh Bharti,
We ought to thank Ravinder Singh trying to stop disaster happening.
Atal or Kalam may be HE  but their IQ 's need to be checked/analyzed before 1.1 Billion are led like Sheep to the their slaughter.
Super Highways maximize profits for Ambanis-but do not  create/strengthen self reliance anywhere Nationwide.
1000 Passenger Planes -everybody and his peon flying like mad--borrowed from Boeing/Airbus/Exxon? are 99.9% of such flying not avoidable? Suppose we refuse to travel in the days of Instant Communication. suppose we go back to the Rs 100/- Bicycle-Has Kalam mobilized that group for Value-Engineering?
Jatropha ---low-yield poison--- to replace what ?--Diesel?-to? Run around like mad on Atal's pet Corridors?
And Both Their River Linking -Sorry- it will be like King Canute ordering the Sea to stop rolling on to him!!!
If your HE's get away with all their PET PROJECTS-- where will your 1.1 Billion be?
At the bottom--Licking their wounds -not  as DEVELOPED NATION .
When the rest 5.2 Billion moved on to 'Wuthering Heights'
If you are Concerned about India Breaking Up :
Create Fora  urgently NOW to:
Analyze each of their PET PROJECTS  
You may have to shelve ALL  of them.
Mukul Mahant
Consulting Engineer71+
Guwahati(Anything the Wrong?)

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DEAR SIR,WOULD YOU FIND SOMR FAULT WITH THE PRESENTPRIME-MINISTER AND THE UPA CHIRMAN AND ALSO YOUR PLANSTO REMOVE POVERTY THAN CRITISIZING SINGLE INDIVIDUALFOR ALL ILLS !DR. OMESH BHARTI.--- Ravinder Singh <povertyfree77 at yahoo.com> wrote:> Office of The President & APJ Abdul Kalam > This is a common problem in humans they idolize> rich and powerful and majority of them have no> capability to analyze the real achievements of high> and mighty which could be due to fear, lack of> information and short of relevant qualification and> caliber. > > Office of the president and a person who occupy it> are two different things. We must be respectful to> the office at all times and dutifully obey every> good order of the president but must also reject> every bad decision of the occupant of office of> president. > > River Link and Jatropha are world’s most> “Eccentric” programs promoted by our president and> he is silently conniving on poverty, hunger, meter> rigging by discoms, extortion by moneylenders and> SEZ corporate loot etc. Jatropha too is a land grab> program. In the following ICAR link you will find> the yield under rain fed conditions is 1100 kg/> hectare, which means cultivators earn revenue of> Rs.5500/- per hectare or Rs.15/- day. This doesn’t> even cover labor cost. > > http://www.icar.org.in/pr/10052006.htm > > Had he offered to resign than signing the SEZ> bill, GOI would have relented and rescind the SEZ.> He has not followed any democratic tradition of> speaking his mind but actually promoted all the> “Eccentric” programs. > > Something about irrigation and water loss in> canals I knew as five year old, if you tell the> president 100 times and 101 times also come up with> exactly the same opinion than there was terribly> wrong in scientific president. > > I am just expressing my opinion most of the states> have actually rejected the river link project> already. > > Was it not foolish of Kalam to urge Punjab farmers> to grow poisonous Jatropha trees that are deadly to> known life forms when Punjab is the bread basket of> India is short of food grains. > > The survey carried out by National Oil-seeds and> Vegetable Oils Development Board (henceforth> referred only as NOVOD) as part of the "National> Network on Jatropha" reported variation in> 'oil-content' from 21% to 48%. The 'oil-content' in> the seeds collected from Maharashtra ranged from 21%> to 42%. While conducting this present study, it was> found that the annual seed- yield of Jatropha is> highly variable and ranges from 0.4 tons/Ha to 12> tons/Ha. In Maharashtra, the only publicly reported> results of> Jatropha plantation are from Mr. Vinayakrao Patil,> a pioneer in Jatropha plantation and Chairman of> Maharashtra Agro-forestry Federation (Nashik).> According to him, results of Jatropha plantation> raised on over 20,000 acres of land between 1986> to1994-95 are not very encouraging, with yields of 1> to 1.5 tons/Ha in the third and fourth years.> > Under "very good conditions", the seed production> is reported to be as high as 5.0 Kg/tree or 12.5> metric tons per hectare. But in rain-fed conditions> (lack of irrigation) and poor soils, seed-yield> could be as low as 0.6 Kg / tree or 1.5 metric> tons/Ha. Thus, the higher seed-yield is likely to be> possible only from plantations on medium quality> soils using quality-planting material and after> standardization and adaptation of cultivation> practices (such as irrigation, fertilizers, and> pruning). > > 'D1 Oils', a private company, has reported several> pests and diseases on Jatropha plants. These include> Calidea Bug, Fruit Borer, Leaf Webber, Weaver> Caterpillar, Mite> Infestation, and Root Rot Symptoms.> > Thus, there is need to acknowledge that Jatropha> can be prone to diseases and pests, especially when> large-sized monoculture plantations are established> on a wider scale.> – PRAYAS REPORT. > > http://www.prayaspune.org/reli/PUBLICATIONS.htm > > >http://www.prayaspune.org/reli/Publications/Small%20farmers%20perspective%20on%20Jatropha%20Plantation%20through%20EGS.pdf> > > http://www.nashik.nic.in/htmldocs/disoverview.htm > > It is important to mention that Nasik is high> rainfall area and the rainfall is in excess of> 2600mm but the Jatropha seed yield 1-2 tons is very> poor and even we assume oil content of 30%, 300 kg> to 600 kg oil which priced only Rs.5 per kg for> seeds and Rs.20 per kg for oil means apart from> poisoning the environment it is commercially> unviable also. > > Please note this information was available to the> president. It is most disgraceful was the chief> promoter of Jatropha. > > He was not expected to do such things so when he> did it on sustained basis for years there must be> something wrong. > > I respect president of India but also condemn his> eccentric programs. > > Ravinder Singh May16, 2007> Progressindia2007 at yahoo.com > > > "sudhir giri" giri_sudhir2000 at yahoo.com---> > Mr. Singh,> > With respect I don't know what you> does and what is your qualification, since you have> the so many problems and about others I don't know> exactly but for His Excellency Dr. Kalam I knows> H.E. qualification and how much H.E. has done for> the country and for the Scientist and youths of> India.> > I don't know you how much you are contributing for> the progress of India but I will reply later on> > regds> > sudhir giri> > > ---------------------------------> Ready for the edge of your seat? Check out tonight's> top picks on Yahoo! 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