[Assam] My first web page

chittaranjan pathak chittaranjanpathak at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 20:29:29 PDT 2007

Mahanta da
Nice clean refreshing website. You look good-a bit
like Salman Rushdie.
Just a request. Some body was mentioning service to
Assam. Next time you go to Assam, if time permits
please try to take photographs of all the Assamese
flowers like Akaxigonga, Beena, Bhet, Bokul, Gulap,
Gulonsi, Indramaloti, Jaba, Jai, Juti, Keteki,
Khorikajai, Kopow, Kothalsompa, Krishnasura,
Madhoimaloti, Madhobilota, Maloti, Modar, Naarzi,
Nahor, Newali, Radhasura, Rokto joba, Sompa, Xunaru,
Xurujmukhi, Tholpodmo, Thupitora, Togor, Xewali and
many more which I might have missed.
It will be a good repository for Assamese flowers and
will be good for honing your photographic skills in
Time permits-I will come back with the responses to
some of the valid points you have raised. But you have
to give REPLY-for a change.
No analysis of the questioneer's intellect, intent,
sincerity etc.
Have a good weekend.


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