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No doubt he is a pioneering spirit but has been made (in)famous by his Xeno-transplantation of pig heart into human http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/xenotransplantation.htm

Ofcourse, Louis Pasteur (whose documentary I saw)  also injected  infected rabid dog's blood /foam  into  a  victim  boy's  body (of mad dog's bite)   in a desparate attempt to cure him of a fatal disease -- and ultimately succeeded -after 14 or more such injections. Ofcourse, if he had failed he knew he faced death penalty under a King (of France) influenced by doubting Thomases.

PS: Ofcourse no cure of rabies so far. My Harvard sponsor's uncle died just before I came to US - of rabies -- since he had no idea when he had got bitten --maybe decades back --and there was no cure. The Rabies ward is just adjacent to Mortuary -since every patient goes there only

mc mahant <mikemahant at hotmail.com> wrote:    P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body { FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma }   Please Visit The Respected Doctor's Website:


Best Mobile No. to get him is

Talk to him  direct.
 Is a great man-and friendly to all.


Doubting Thomases also welcome,-biased/bigoted/half-educated knobs too.



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