Dr. Sashanka sashanka_2000 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 20 23:56:04 PDT 2007

Hi to everyone,
  Thanks for the concern and the discussion about the “IN ASSAM DOGS AND PUPPIES ARE KILLED FOR THEIR SKIN AND MEAT”
  Let me make it clear, I am an Assamese and with a full name Dr. Sashanka Sekhar Dutta. I write it short as Dr. Sashanka not to hide or of shame to focus that I am an Assamese. I have shortened the name for the shake of people who always make fun of pronouncing the whole name in wrong way which I don’t like and I don’t think I should correct them repeatedly. Anyway even after making it short I am still called as Dr. Shashank not as Sashanka pronounced in Assamese. I am staying in Delhi for last 4 years for my project works and trying to move to Assam to give something possible from my side to my homeland.
  Secondly by profession I am a veterinarian (Manoj Daa, you know I am sure?) and associated with some welfare activities and one project is related to Animal Welfare.
  Coming to the main point, I sent the link & the text mainly for three reasons

  First to feel the cruelty behind killing the dog or pup live 
  Second, to cnvey the message... does anyone have the right to say like ”IT HAPPENS DAILY OVER THERE” like in all places of Assam and in every household this dish is prepared everyday. If it would have happened, no stray dogs have been seen in the streets of Assam and I am sure everyone will agree with me, Assam is also suffering from thousands of Rabies case every year where dog is one of the major carriers besides cats & other canine family, bats etc.
  & Third, this is to create some awareness among the people to stop cruelty as much as possible. Thanks.
  Another thing to make clear, I am not against taking non vegetarian food but truly I am concerned over the humane method of killing the animals for food. Practically it is not possible that everything will be perfect but as we have started concerning about the welfare sector, may be animals, children or any thing, we should start thinking for the less cruelty to them.

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