[Assam] maybe a virus

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Mon May 21 16:44:15 PDT 2007

Whats the file attachment btw. I am scared to open it :-)


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Thank you Mukul da
Of course, that makes sense now.

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Dear Ram,
Dilip Chandan(Sarmah)-43 yrs.- is the well-known Editor of Tribune Group's Oxom Bani. 
His sudden appearance was as if he lost his way in Cyberspace!

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Subject: maybe a virus 

Mukul da
That looked more like a virus to me. The person seems to have used Dlip da and Chandan da' s names.
More like what is called 'phishing' for IP addresses.
Hope you are doing fine
You have to watch-and take part!
Only then will you know!


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