[Assam] Secret Calculations of US Indian IT masters students

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Umesh  haven't you realized their calculations already?
Secret Calculations are already done for them by clever Tamils.
We knew of BPT(bong,payan,tamil)phenomenon long back at iit!
Likes of Chidambaram and his Secret Agent Gurumurthy posing as concerned NGO-"cpa" have been moulding "PolicyAlternatives" over the last 15 years-whereby: 
_All talent India builds up -spending fortunes and years ,are meant to be Export Commodities-Leaving India in the hands of debilitated'Rocket Scientists' and Bank Clerks. These Talents-to-become are marinated to hate India from start-Mandal or not.Indian Rupee loans-any amount- (like Car loans),Cheap Air Tickets  complete the story.Idea was -it will come back many fold. No assessments are madeon that.
_Non-Talents who cannot be packed off are given SEZ's/BPOswhere they can toil lifelong for their distant Masters.
_ And on a wholesale basis ,for those who have nothing beyond Matric. there is the labour export to Middle East,Cruise Lines,ShipCrews,Drilling gangs,Iraq Truckers....
-And for the Fair Sex-the ready Brides Market at Hyderabad-Mumbai-Cochi.Destination-Riyadh-Dubai
Apart from these 4 there is the fringe diehard like Umesh Sharma who 'Must be liberated' even if the homestead has to be mortgaged.
Assam ULFA talk possibility was stalled by that lobby's stringpulling-"What are you trying to do-all will be lost.."
And India hopes to be a' DEVELOPED NATION BY 2020'!

Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 18:16:13 +0100From: jaipurschool at yahoo.comTo: assam at assamnet.orgSubject: [Assam] Secret Calculations of US Indian IT masters students
Yesterday I had a chance of going out with a few maters grad students and recent grads to see places in DC incl www.ssvt.org . One was a recent grad in Journalism from Salt Lake City , Utah though hailing originally from Salt Lake City, Kolkata, India!! Our discussions nearly gave me a sour throat -so much to talk. He had worked at UNI, Delhi and was a graduate of India's premeir IIMC (Indian Inst. of Mass Communication) and was a scholarship cum TA recepient. Currently i DC looking for a job.
Others were all IT/Telecom grad students as are most of my new room/house mates all from big Indian cities . I am surprised how much they can afford to spend on branded clothes , even cars (under $1000) but I imagine that since Delhi and Mumbai have land prices equal to those of DC or New York they can afford it -- alongwith paying tuition in full (28,000 USD or Rs14 lakhs) -from own pocket or Indian student loans - a regular thing for their city folks I am told - esp for programs  in IT/ Telecom. A large number have no work experience - straight here after bachelors degree in India (mostly non-IITs, noon RECs)
CALCULATIONS: I am told that even from lower rung US Univs like www.gmu.edu or www.umd.edu telecom and IT grads get average pay packets of $60,000 per year (95% get jobs within one year of graduation - inlc work visa sponsors) However, many students are so confident of getting jobs fast that intend to apply for H1B work visas within 9 weeks of graduation (strange system of allowing graduation in December - most univs inlc Harvard allow general graduation in June/May). Students can work in US for a Year on OPT visa but many choose to just work 3 months get a job and sponsor and apply for the ever-shrinking visa rate.
Even if they have to go back to India - I am told they can expect pay packets of Rs 3 lakh per year atleast ($6,000) for a start. As you know one can live well on $2000 pa in India. Still they can pay of the student loan of $30,000 in a few years. 
Ofcourse IITians etc can expect scholarships for PhD - just after bachelors -like the one I met at Stanford Univ inside a bus shuttle ( http://cs.stanford.edu/People/phd_students ) - a grad from IIT Mumbai in CS. But there are a lot of Indian students who have found workable calculations to pay for their US IT/Telecom education.
Any comments?
UmeshUmesh SharmaWashington D.C. 1-202-215-4328 [Cell]Ed.M. - International Education PolicyHarvard Graduate School of Education,Harvard University,Class of 2005http://www.uknow.gse.harvard.edu/index.htmlhttp://hbswk.hbs.edu/http://jaipurschool.bihu.in/ 

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