[Assam] [WaterWatch] Jal Satyagraha launched in New Delhi

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Mon May 21 19:13:13 PDT 2007

Mohan ,
That certainly is one way to get sludge+sun to feed mankind.
Will be readily adaptable in Yamuna hinterlands of Punjab/Haryana/Raj/DelhiNCR. Will reduce costs of pumping a second time.
Please engage this Journalist girl to cover that aspect in detail!
But if you have to make Yamuna fit for swimming-where fish  do frolick-and where you compose Romantic songs "Ganga-Yamunaa- Nirmala -Panee...." 'you have to go Hi-Tech like an ASPIRANT-ALMOST-SUPERPOWER  should.
mm> Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 13:13:04 -0400> Subject: Re: [Assam] [WaterWatch] Jal Satyagraha launched in New Delhi> From: mrpallet at ncsu.edu> To: mikemahant at hotmail.com> CC: assam at assamnet.org> > mm:> I think we should adopt the Israeli method. Filter the sewage water and> spray the water in the right places for recharging the aquifers. That way> nobody will feel uncomfortable drinking the treated water.> > Mohan R. Palleti> > >> > Dear Ms. Sen,> >> > I am glad to find at least one interested.> > It is a pity that there is no system of propagating knowledge on useful> > science in India .> > It is due to the Constitution which was written to perpetuate ignorance> > and poverty of all kinds.> >> > This is called ElectroCoagulation--with which you can EASILY seperate OUT> > from the pure water :> > -Fecal Matter,> > -Oily phase,> > -Iron,> > -Any Bacteria,> > - Dissolved salts> > _Smell/Smack/Colour.> >> > As a first DIY move,please Google ElectroCoagulation and patiently> > explore the million Entries.> > I have many years' involvement and learning Experience with EC-and that is> > why I offered the Knowhow.> > But India demands "Proven Track Record" from everybody --except from Netas> > ,Babus and whites.> >> > Best of Luck!> > mm> >> >> >> > Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 15:05:31 +0100From: benitasen at yahoo.comSubject: RE:> > [WaterWatch] Jal Satyagraha launched in New DelhiTo:> > mikemahant at hotmail.com> > dear mr mahant, i read with interest your observation that sewage leaving> > every house must and can be treated by the home owner to almost drinking> > quality.> > i would be grateful if you could tell me where i can find more information> > on this. regards, benita senmc mahant <mikemahant at hotmail.com> wrote:> >> >> >> >> > <The problem of the River Yamuna is a problem of pollution> > andencroachments. Both have to be tackled to restore the river to> > itsformer glory, felt experts at a meeting organized in New Delhi on> > 19January, 2007, to discuss the river's crisis in the context of> > India'swater problems, called by the Rashtriya Jal Biradari.>Dear Nitya,> > Both have to be tackled . Please do not stop till DONE. DONE -Must be> > Simultaneously in 1 year. Do it right at all cost-show the WORLD! A*24X365> > Days a year.Enforce all the way from Himalayas to Allahabad.Definitely in> > greater Dilli.*Sewage leaving every home,every block of flats must and CAN> > be treated by home/Flat owner- to a Almost Drinking Quality -Define Worst> > allowable limits.ADQ or be penalized.*Sewage leaving every local Nullah to> > meet a larger Nulla to be made the sameADQ -Ensured by 2 adjacent Ward> > Committees-Or be penalized.*Sewage+Storm Water Main Drains before> > disgorging to Yamuna must not exceed - ADQ or be penalizedB Employ 100> > floating barge-mounted bottom diggers to dig up the accumulated putrfiying> > mass at Yamuna bottom-and deposit fish-bone like on both banks' lowlying> > floodplain perpendicular to main stream. All above possible> > technologically today. At fraction of costs imagined/spent.I can Transfer> > same to you.Best RegardsMukul Mahant> >> >> > To: WaterWatch at yahoogroups.comFrom: nityajacob at yahoo.comDate: Sat, 19 May> > 2007 13:48:34 +0000Subject: [WaterWatch] Jal Satyagraha launched in New> > Delhi> >> >> > Jal Satyagraha launched in New Delhi19 May 2007The problem of the River> > Yamuna is a problem of pollution andencroachments. Both have to be tackled> > to restore the river to itsformer glory, felt experts at a meeting> > organized in New Delhi on 19January, 2007, to discuss the river's crisis> > in the context of India'swater problems, called by the Rashtriya Jal> > Biradari.Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh said people> > haveto be involved and planning has to be decentralized for this to> > besuccessful. In Delhi, it is essential that the public be made aware> > ofthe need to reduce and recycle water. Rainwater harvesting is> > alsocritical to ameliorate the city's water problems. "We should> > adoptdecentralized water collection methods and catch water where> > itfalls," he said.Blaming the concept of sustainable development, he said> > this was themain reason for environmental degradation. Rapid economic> > developmenthas destroyed both manmade and natural water bodies in India.> > However,there were many models of local water management by which it> > waspossible to arrest this decline.Former chairman of the Central> > Pollution Control Board Paritosh Tyagienumerated three measures that could> > solve Delhi's water crisis. Thesewere plugging leakages in distribution,> > educating people to use lesswater and accurate metering that would enable> > better service andhigher water tariffs. "If all these are done properly,> > Delhi will notface a water crisis as it has adequate supply of water."The> > Yamuna's flood plain is under threat from development. TheCommonwealth> > Games Village, Metro railway stations and otherdevelopments planned will> > reduce the area available for water rechargeby half. It was 94 sq. km. but> > once these developments are complete,it will be only around 47 sq km, he> > said. This means that the rechargepotential of the flood plain for the> > city's groundwater aquifers willbe severely affected.Most of the river's> > water is used for irrigation by riparian states –Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh> > and Haryana. If irrigation efficiency isincreased by even 30 percent, it> > will make much more water availablefor drinking because irrigation uses> > eight times as much water asdomestic users do. Delhi had a peculiar> > problem of online boostersthat actually worsened the water situation> > because these pumps drewair and dirt from outside pipelines into the> > water, contaminatingsupply. "People should not use online boosters," Mr> > Tyagi said.Arjun, who has worked with Jal Biradari for the past two> > decades, said trees are father, and earth the mother, of water. Both have> > to be taken care of to protect our water resources and ensure that> > groundwater and surface water resources are adequate.Rajendra Singh said> > the government has to work in partnership withpeople to manage water> > resources. "When people are given ownership ofresources, they manage them> > with pride, responsibility and honesty. Nogovernment can claim to do as> > good a job."In the area where his NGO, Tarun Bharat Sangh works, people> > haverevived dead rivers through decentralized, community centred> > watershedmanagement, he said. They have taken control of this> > criticalresource. The Rajasthan government, under its former chief> > minister,passed a cabinet order that no polluting or water-intensive> > industrywill be allowed in the Alwar area, where TBS works. However,> > thecurrent government overturned this order in 2004.As a result, 40> > companies producing bottled water and distilleriesacquired land for their> > operations in this belt. "The people opposedthem, sat on dharnas outside> > their factories and we went to court toget them shut. Nearly all except> > United Breweries have closed down andwe have an on-going dharna outside> > their factory to force them toclose too," Mr. Singh said.Yamuna is in> > danger and no single organization or person can handlethis. Everybody in> > Delhi has to come together to tackle its problems.Instead of laying a> > concrete jungle, we should build a natural jungleof 10,000 hectares on the> > flood plain of the river. The people shouldhelp in reviving recharge> > structures and distributaries of the river.The Ridge should be declared as> > a recharge zone and the baolis andtalaabs that existed there should be> > restored. The ghats on the Yamunashould also be restored. The Jal> > Satyagraha 2007 was also launched at the event. It aims toraise awareness> > among school and college children. It will createawareness in both rural> > and urban India on the optimal use of waterand need to recharge to> > groundwater. The Satyagraha will work withmedia to raise public awareness> > on water-related issues. It willadvocate water as a basic human right and> > hold camps in differentstates. The campaign will also discourage people> > from using bottledwater and drinking soft drinks. Lastly, it will work to> > stop theprivatization of rivers and other water sources.Nitya Jacob> >> > Palate Teasers: Straight from Master Chef! Sanjeev Kapoor> > __._,_.___> > Messages in this topic (0) Reply (via web post) | Start a new topic> > Messages | Files | Photos | Links | Database | Polls | Calendar> >> > Change settings via the Web (Yahoo! 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