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The first time is always viewed with some suspicion. It was with JFK, and it
seems to linger on with Romney and the Mormon Church.

In US politics, the first time an 'unusual' becomes a serious candidate
people pay attention (Catholics, Women, Blacks, and now Mormons). After
that, its 'oh, thats been done before'.

As far as policy matters, I seriously doubt any minoritypresident can
make serious dent - at least on religious affiliations. JFK, would not even
try being seen that way.

Now, if Hillary Clinton were to be elected, then I think there would be
women's groups wanting get more done

If Barak Obama gets elected, I think, he would try very hard to appear even
handed with African-American interests. That is he would not try showing
special favors.

Incidently, there is book call the 'The Man' by Irwing Wallace which about
an African American becoming the President (by some quirks of fate). It is
an interesting read and gauge the problems and challenges an African
American might face if he/she were to be come president.


On 5/22/07, Dilip/Dil Deka <dilipdeka at yahoo.com> wrote:
> On Mitt Romney, NYT collection of data:
> http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/r/mitt_romney/index.html?inline=nyt-per
> Here is a good topic for discussion:  In 21st century USA, can religious
> affiliation of the president affect national policies? Will it affect
> national unity, personal freedom, education, eradication of poverty,
> energy or foreign policy? Was there a shift in policy in the past due to a
> president's religious following?
> Didn't Great Britain have a jewish prime minister? Did it impact british
> policies at that time?
> It will be enlightening to hear from our netters with political science
> training.
> Dilip Deka
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