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*Unadulterated Speech of G.U. VC :*

*           Yesterday, i.e., on Sunday, May 20, 2007, I attented the
function organized to release the annual bilingual magazine 'Luitor pora
Thames-oloi' ('From Luit to Thames'), edited by NRA Dr. Karuna Sagar
Das. There were present a few renowned writers in the meeting. I heard their
lectures. Though writing in Asamese, they spoke a 'polluted' form of the
language with a profusion of English words in between the sentences. *
*              The silver lining was Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury, the VC of
Gauhati University. Incidentally, Dr. Choudhury is better known as a man of
Physics and has been a Visiting Professor in Universities abroad too. Also,
I would like to make it known that he had his early part of education in an
English medium school (i.e., St. Mary's English High School, Guwahati --- at
that time it had co-educational structure in the primary and
middle-classes). But, there was not an ounce of adulteration in his
speech which he made in Asamese. In the present times, Dr. Choudhury is one
of the best orators in English too. Anyone who wants to perfect both his/
her Asamese and English oration, ought to attend such sessions of Dr.
Amarjyoti Choudhury.*


Navagraha Path,*

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