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*Such pepping for --- 'Language Pollution' !!!*

*               Read the column featuring the write-up 'Tune in to Big
92.7FM' by Indrani Raimedhi (in 'Sunday
Reading' of 'The Assam Tribune').  If I am not wrong, a few days back, she
was invited by the FM Channel for an interview. This ga-ga is a result of
that. Perhaps that amounts to the line 'The 18-25 age group is the target
audience and the radio jockeys are trained to speak that lingo, slipping
effortlessly into multi-lingual, fresh, confident and peppy mixture that the
youth communicate in these days.' So many encouraging adjectives for an
unhealthy and dangerous phenomenon! *
*            All this drumming of multi-culturalism and multi-lingualism by
pseudo-intellectuals of the State exhibits their lack of foresight. Just see
what happens to the Assamese language in a few decades. It will be polluted
to an irrepairable extent. It is hoped that the 'All India Radio' (AIR) will
maintain decorum and authenticity of the Assamese language inspite of the
language-pollution unleashed by the FM Channels.*

An Observer,*

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