[Assam] information regarding sustainable development in assam??

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To your Brief Q:
Any Development which can be Sustained for Centuries.
Following are NOT:
#1 OIL &Gas Production/Refinery,Coal Mining, Deforesting .
#2  Polluting Rivers with Oily waste,Paper mill Black Liquor,Chemicals kill off all Phyto-Planktons>which starve fish to death>which has killed off Xihu forever.
#3 Throwing any untreated Sewage into Pristine Pure Snow-melting waters like Brahmaputra/Bhareli- causing uncurable diseases downstream .
#4 Dynamics of meaningless jobs and lure of useless Indian Rupee Notes - which caused Greater Guahati population to rise from 50,000 in 1947 to 2,500,000 in 2007. 
#5 Useless Education/Degrees/Ph.D's which are flourished to capture resources by robbing the masses. The Masses FALSELY hope and wait,thinking that their "Educated " kin who escaped to the false glory of the City--will someday deliver them from their  sinking-in-the-quagmire syndrome.
#6 Easy Telecom,Easy Motorized Transport,Easy Airtrip-all avoidable!
#7 Some Rs50,000 Crore Borrowed from Delhi To Build"Infrastructure" and the Lakh Flats, to-be-soon clogged massive Drains,"Flyovers"
#8 All Embankments built under 'National Embankment Policy'- which in summary caused total depletion of all Nutrients from Soils of the narrow River Valley called Oxom and is making Oxomiyas a sick nation.
(Let us stop here)
What can be Sustainable Development for Oxom?
#1  Regaining Total Sovereignty,Suspending somebody's Constitution.
#2  Redeployment of entire population to planned productive pursuits-meaningful  Appropriate Technology  taught on the job.
#3  All development of land,Water,forest,Minerals,Soils At The International Borders that was Assam's in 1947 and 1826.
#4  Realizing,Practicing that Oxom's future lies in fullest yield of Saah,Baanh,Maanh,Ghaanh.  Saah to relieve Tension in Humanity's lives. Baanh as the Engineered Alternative to Trees. Maanh to feed all humans,mammals,birds,fish.  Ghaanh to feed Dairy/meat herds-and to export cooked meat dinners. Ghaanh also as source of Bio Energy.
#5   Opening up Oxom as THE Single Refuelling Midpoint for all Intercontinental Air Traffic   i.e.    Africa<>Japan/Korea,  Europe<> Australia, Arab/India<>China.
#6 Digging  and maitaining a deep Straight 2.5m minimum Deep Barge Channel from Patkoi/Pasighat to Sea with our own Open-Sea Loading/Unloading Floating Dock for al90% of our International Trade of Bulk Produce.(Let us be brief like your Q -and you wanted very urgently!)

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