[Assam] Pre-emptive defense!

Ram Sarangapani assamrs at gmail.com
Tue May 22 10:19:39 PDT 2007

In this age of pre-emptive this and pre-emptive that, this quote by C'da is

>*** I do have sympathy for ALL victims of discrimination. But NOT all such
victims' miseries  are equal. >Therefore I CHOOSE who to raise my voice for
or against, since I cannot be a defender of  ALL victims >that need help.

While, it is true, that we can and often do try and defend victims that need
help and whose interests often mesh with our own, there are some situations
where in some of the posts we are egged on to support a victim here and a
victim there.

Some good examples we recently came across:
Netters were exhorted (forget the petition part ) to lend support to the
ULFA wives in search of their husbands.
Or enquired why the Indian army was given a pass (for its attrocities) while
the ulfa was condemned roundly.
Why netters were not upset over the Bhutan raid on Ulfa?
Or some states like Assam called to question for its performance, while
others were let off.

There were also examples of other netters doing the same things (but
opposite) -
Why ulfa supporters were not condemning frequent ulfa bombings?
 Asked why the killings of the Dhemaji children were Not condemned by all?
Condemn the ulfa, but not the army or the GOI in cherry-picked situations.

Essentially "taking sides". Is taking sides all that bad?

Now, a statement like C'da's above comes in really handy in tight
situations. All one has to do is say - well I understand, etc etc, but I
have already lent support this or that cause - can't support/defend all the
people all the time.

The other question that percolates to the mind is whatever happened to
'fairplay' ? Whether some attrocity is perpetrated on ULFA cadres or the
army or police or the general public, shouldn't there rise above all the
din, a sense of fairplay? Should we bother about such clutters, and just
take sides based on our socio-political beliefs? Would that suffice?

Lastly, I just want to clear this up. I took C'da's quote ONLY as an example
and 'test case'. I have on occassion taken these same 'pre-emptive' avenues
(even though, I haven't articulated as such). Other netters have too. :)

Just meandering thoughts!

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