[Assam] information regarding sustainable development in assam??

Mohan R. Palleti mrpallet at ncsu.edu
Tue May 22 10:26:43 PDT 2007

Dear Kankana,
I am not sure what sustainable management measures have been taken so far
in Assam. Here are some thoughts on what can be done in the future amongst

Sustainability of a system is the ability to effectively harvest the
benefits from the system and yet be able to regenerate the root and
maintain a balance.

Assam had faced a drought situation last year. This is because there was
was an imbalance in the climate. Possibly due to rampant felling of trees.
Doesn't meen we should stop felling trees.But we should have a
environmental corridor in place to offset the balance before taking up
such  a massive program. May be a law can be passed that makes it
imperative for a person to plant a tree before felling one. This could be
an example of ecoregional sustainability.

Right now there is a big deficit of fish production in the state. The
State consumes 2.73 lakh tonnes a year, but the State produces 1.65 lakh
tonnes a year. This is met by  vendors from outside the state. If a small
group of people would invest in a village cooperative to set up a fishery.
I bet this would greatly bring up the quality of life in that village and
they will be able to sustain the cooperative. Here there is a one time
investment after which the system regenerates finances itself. An example
of sustainable cooperative pisciculture.

Hope this helps...
Mohan R. Palleti

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> actually i am a student of sociology of tezpur university
> plz give me some information about "sustainable development in assam"
> its very urgent
> thank u
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