[Assam] Netaji report: Court gives Government more time

Pradip Kumar Datta pradip200 at yahoo.com
Tue May 22 20:17:07 PDT 2007

This shameless government is trying their best to save their socalled great leader's face and trying to hide all facts regarding Netaji

Netaji report: Court gives  Government more time 

 Centre fighting shy  of filing affidavit in opposition

Chief Justice Surinder Singh  Nijjar and Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose of the Calcutta High Court today gave  the Union Government two more weeks to file their response over their rejection  of Mukherjee Commission report. 

A Writ  petition was filed early this year by lawyer Rudra Jyoti Bhattacharjee and eight  others before the Court. The petitioners named the Principal Secretary (Prime  Minister's Office), the Secretary (Ministry of Home Affairs) and Justice Manoj  Kumar Mukherjee (retired judge of the Supreme Court of India) as  respondents.

For those who are wondering what's all this -- in May  last year the Government had made public the report of Justice MK Mukherjee.  Attested to it was one-page Action Taken Report prepared by the Ministry of Home  Affairs (MHA) saying that "the Government have examined the Report submitted by  the Commission on 8th November, 2005 in detail and have not agreed with the  finding that - (a) Netaji did not die in the plane crash; and (b) The ashes in  the Renkoji Temple were not of Netaji." (Meaning thereby that he did die in the  air crash, as Pandit Nehru would say, and the ashes are his).

Since the  Commission was set up on an order of the Calcutta High Court, it was but natural  that the same court be approached again. So the man who had originally moved the  Court, did it again. Lawayer Rudra Jyoti Bhattacharjee pleaded before the Court  to set aside the Action Taken Report for it was "totally unacceptable according  to settled principle of law".

Rudra and  co-petitions, all of whom have been supporting Mission Netaji, stated in the  petition that "unless an Order setting aside the impugned Action Taken Report is  passed 
 the nation shall be deprived of exact information regarding mysterious  disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, which is admittedly a definite  matter of public importance".

When the  case was admitted in February, the Government counsel remarked that the Centre  had incurred "unnecessary expenditure" on Mukherjee Commission. This angered the  Acting Chief Justice B Bhattacharya, who retorted that the Government should  have objected when the Court had issued order for the formation of the  Commission in 1998.

Justice Bhattacharya gave the Central Government a  period of 6 weeks to file their response explaining why they rejected Justice  Mukherjee's report. However no response was filed by the Government. Then, the  new Chief Justice gave the Government further time, but still no answer came.  Same story was repeated today.


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