[Assam] [WaterWatch] Two Party system & Linking Rivers Key to Pros; perity!: Dr Kalam

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Wed May 23 04:10:29 PDT 2007

Gentlemen ,
Each of India's 1.1 Billion wishes to see all regions pull together as a willing Union . 
And to become a paradise on Earth.
Nothing Happens!
You have to build it up that way.
Neither  the 1950 Constitution,nor Kalam's fond wish of a two-party system within the same Constitution can fulfill above wishes. 
Something of a Catastrophy is in the works.
There was an opportunity to avoid the Catastrophy. This was :to thrash out a co-operation in talks with ULFA -from which the Leaderless Regime Shied away at the last moment. 
As leader of PCG ,the undersigned told "Liberate Us -and we will liberate You". Probably there is nobody in the regime capable of thinking into the future.
Kalam is supposed to be the pinnacle of High Tech (even if you write off the rest as Imbeciles and Babus).
And he should have  known what he was talking about.
Now look at this:< PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS AT THE INAUGURATION OF THE CONFERENCE ON DEVELOPMENT OF EAST & NORTH EAST INDIA - STRATEGIC ISSUES IN A NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE: Convergence of Core Competencies for Regional Prosperity"Great missions born out of great minds">
#1 Doesn't he /they do these 24x365 at Delhi? Why "Region" eulogized now-  when you split Assam into 7 to divide and rule EASIER? Will Jharkhand ever yield to  Nagas?. Or W. Bengal to Orissa?
#2  Is it out of a guilty feeling-when everything India Concentrates are going to his TN?
#3 He says:Assam is endowed with petroleum, natural gas, coal, limestone and many other mineral like magnetic quartzite.Anybody heard of THIS?
#4 Not once did he ask " Is every one of our 1.1 Billion usefully employed for  Society's  common welfare?" 
"Is there a system in place to ensure  that every one  gets  total security,protection,  and future  is being-planned-for  and nobody ever has to take his own life because the STATE forgot  about him?"
Think ,all of you. You can reserve your opinion for/against Kalam-Sonia-Mayawati.
And I have a message for their Excellencies--The President--The PM..
TALK as equals should."

To: WaterWatch at yahoogroups.comFrom: maplesanjay at sancharnet.inDate: Wed, 23 May 2007 13:48:27 +0530Subject: Re: [WaterWatch] Two Party system & Linking Rivers Key to Prosperity!: Dr Kalam

Dear all,I have been a spectator on this subject and felt that I needed to contribute with my views as I felt that the discussion was going off-course. The issue is not about 2 party or multi-party systems to govern India, but the real issue is to get strong parties to contribute to the growth of this nation. Today, politics are led more on an individual level. The charisma of the individual leads to the election or defeat of a party. Look at all the parties and the individuals behind them and this is quite evident. Sonia Gandhi cannot assume a powerful seat and hope that Congress will emerge as a powerful organization. It can never happen. The same goes for all others. So, my first point is that the PARTY and not the individual should be powerful in order to deliver results.These leaders use every dirty trick possible to win votes, which more often than not leads to a hung parliament. The more the number of parties, the more the number of cooks (crooks!) to spoil the broth. Initiatives are often stalled in the name of Social Justice or some stupid idea as a result. The past 2-3 years are proof enough of this. A single party in majority has no alibi to not deliver if they are in clear majority. This can happen more likely in a 2 party system than so many parties with different agendas.I agree with the Honourable President on this one.Regards,Sanjay Aggarwal> DEAR ALL,>           THE EMERGENCE OF MAYAWATI IN U.P. SHOWS THAT> THE NEW TRENDS ARE COMING TO MAKE PEOPLE GETTING RID> OF HABITUAL AND PREPATUAL RULARS LIKE CONG, BJP AND> COMMUNISTS.> A NEW AND VISIONARY BUT NON-REACTIONARY LEADERSHIP IS> NEEDED FOR AAM - AADMI, IN INDIA, AND FOR THAT A TWO> PARTY SYSTUM IS NO ANSWER.> DR. OMESH BHARTI> > > > > > > > > > > > > --- mediavigil <mediavigil at yahoo.co.in> wrote:> >> Two Party system & Linking Rivers Key to>> Prosperity!: Dr Kalam>> >> India is a case of severe democratic deficit but Dr>> Kalam believes in>> autocracy through Two Party system 'democracy' along>> with his linking of rivers scheme so that all the>> natural resources are safely handed over in total>> control of industrialists and contractors.>> >> Parliament and state legislatures in any case have>> been made too>> impotent by parties like BJP, Congress and CPI (M)>> who have helped>> Union Carbide and Dow Chemicals and other corporate>> criminals like>> TATAs, Birlas, Reliance Industries, Coca Cola and>> Pepsi responsible>> for tragedies like Bhopal Gas leak, massacre in>> Kalinganagr and>> Singur, pollution in Chaliyar, Mahi estuary>> contamination, massive>> extraction of groundwater in the name of>> 'development'. They have>> created artificial space for wanton free trade with>> little scope of>> legislative bodies to intervene in these matters>> despite agrarian>> crisis staring in the face.>> >> Will a two party system solve the problem of>> democracy deficit and the>> ongoing corporate onslaught? The proposal of two>> party system and the>> linking of rivers project is an expression of>> contempt towards democracy.>> >> In a democracy, the solution to any problem is not>> less democracy but>> more democracy but our first citizen thinks>> otherwise. Citizens and>> Corporations have been competing to choose "full>> democracy", "Partial>> democracy", and "autocracy" depending on their>> interests. It is quite>> manifest as to whose interest is served by Dr>> Kalam's proposition.>> >> Does this not remind one of a song that ends with>> the lines,>> >> "through their own words / they will be exposed />> they've got a Solid>>  case of / the emperor's new clothes.">> >> > ----------------------------------------------------------------------->> >> PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS AT THE INAUGURATION OF THE>> CONFERENCE ON>> DEVELOPMENT OF EAST & NORTH EAST INDIA - STRATEGIC>> ISSUES IN A>> NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE>> >> Convergence of Core Competencies for Regional>> Prosperity>> >> "Great missions born out of great minds">> >> I am delighted to participate in the inauguration of>> the Conference on>> development of East and North-East India. I am happy>> that the>> Conference is bringing together intellectuals,>> industrialists,>> political leaders and societal transformers>> concerned with the>> development of East and North East India comprising>> of Bihar, Orissa,>> West Bengal, Jharkhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh,>> Manipur, Meghalaya,>> Nagaland, Assam, Mizoram and Tripura particularly to>> bring the>> benefits of national economic growth to the rural>> people in different>> parts of this region. This region accounts for over>> 260 million people.>> >>  I have visited all the States of East and>> North-East a number of>> times. Every time I visit, I see the natural>> environment with multiple>> bio-diversity, beautiful rivers, forests, mountains,>> valleys, plains,>> and above all hardworking people. With these>> resources I am confident>> that this region with its multiple core competence>> and Investment Plan>> can get transformed into a developed region well>> before 2020.>> >> Vision for East and North-East India 2017>> >> Let me start with my visualization of East and>> North-East States in>> the year 2017:>> >> a) The people living below poverty line will become>> near zero in all>> the States from the existing 45% in some States.>> >>  b) The current per capita income of the East and>> North East region>> which is in the range Rs.6500 to Rs.18,000, will>> increase to Rs.50,000.>> >>  c) Infant mortality rate will become less than 10>> per thousand from>> the present 60 per thousand prevalent in some of the>> States.>> >>  d) All the East and North East States will be free>> from water borne>> diseases and receive affordable, quality heath care.>> >> e) The East and North East States will realize the>> goal of 100%>> literacy from the existing less than 50% in some of>> the States.>> >> f) All citizens of East and North East States will>> be empowered with>> quality education, healthcare and employment>> potential leading to>> overall enhancement in prosperity and happiness.>> >> Let me now discuss the core competencies of the East>> and North East>> States and how individually and together they can>> bring prosperity to>> the region.>> >> Core Competence of East and North East States>> >> East and North East States have several core>> competencies and every>> State has a vision to become a developed State in a>> time bound manner.>> Let us now focus on some of them which can be>> collectively pooled for>> mutual benefit. Bihar is endowed with Ganges and>> many rivers, a>> fertile soil and is famous for sugar and dairy>> industries. Orissa has>> a large coast line and it is famous for its launch>> sites, mineral>> resources and steel plant. Jharkhand is endowed with>> coal, minerals,>> steel, fertilizer and industries. West Bengal is>> famous for arts,>> music, science and education. Assam is endowed with>> petroleum, natural>> gas, coal, limestone and many other mineral like>> magnetic quartzite.>> Tripura is endowed with rubber farms, bamboo>> forests, horticultural>> products such as ginger and is rich in oil and gas.>> Sikkim is famous>> for its special variety of cardamom, ginger,>> anthurium and is endowed>> with large hydel potential. Meghalaya has varied and>> suitable climate>> for important commercial varieties of orchid>> including those of>> Cattleya, Scented Rose, Anthurium, Lilies ., which>> can be grown for>> cut flower production. Nagaland is the land of the>> young. It is a>> beautiful state with unique tradition of tribal>> structure, community>> organization and strong bonds that connect people to>> people. Every>> house in Nagaland is endowed with handicraft skills.>> Mizoram has the>> potential for cultivation of Cash crops like>> Tapioca, ginger, fruits>> like orange, lemon, kagziline, pineapple and papaya.>> These crops can>> enable setting up of fruit and vegetable processing>> plants for value>> addition and distant marketing. When I think of>> Manipur I am reminded>> of the leaves of passion fruit which contains>> alkaloids and other>> phyto-chemicals, which are useful in treatment of>> hypertension and>> respiratory diseases. Its beautiful flower has>> several medicinal>> properties. The folk dances of Manipur are world>> famous. Arunachal>> Pradesh is famous for horticulture and fruit>> orchards. It is a great>> > === message truncated ===> > > >        > ______________________________________________________________________________> ______Be a better Globetrotter. Get better travel answers from someone who > knows. Yahoo! Answers - Check it out.> http://answers.yahoo.com/dir/?link=list&sid=396545469__._,_.___ 
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