[Assam] baresohoriya bhaona

xourov pathok xourov at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 06:03:58 PDT 2007


look at some of the videos on baresohoriya bhaona, a 200-year old
festival from jamuguri near tezpur.  boring, at first dekko---nothing seems
to happen.  but on a second thought, i was completely floored.

each worker seems to know what he had to do, and there is 
perfect cooperation.  it seems almost surreal.  people were
working, discussing, joking and getting things done.  when you 
step back to think about it, it is mind boggling.

it was like a perfect colony of ants, but more relaxed.  the
land of lahe-lahe is lazy for a reason.

also, note that all materials were perishable and locally available.  
the pillars were bamboo.  the twines that bound them were bamboo.
the rod that dug up holes in the ground were bamboo with
a split end.  the hay was from the last crop.  a perfect harmony
with the environment!!  the only iron tool was the typical dao with the 
pointed end.  absolutely amazing!!

i hope this tradition continues in just this way, uncorrupted.

maybe some netters, who have organized mega-events
or lead major projects can comment on this.


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