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Religion of the leader is very important - doesn't Barack Obama highlight that he goes to a Christai Church despite his Arabic middle name.  And wasn't the new muslim senator/cpngressman asked to take oath on the Bible and not on Quoran. Ofcourse, in India it is always the case -- I think no muslim candidate has one from a Hindu majority seat or vice versa for that matter. 
  Though Sikhs and Christians and atheists have won from where they are not in majority -- perhaps becos they are better educated and global in outlook.

Dilip/Dil Deka <dilipdeka at yahoo.com> wrote:
    On Mitt Romney, NYT collection of data:
  Here is a good topic for discussion:  In 21st century USA, can religious affiliation of the president affect national policies? Will it affect national unity, personal freedom, education, eradication of poverty, energy or foreign policy? Was there a shift in policy in the past due to a president's religious following?
  Didn't Great Britain have a jewish prime minister? Did it impact british policies at that time?
  It will be enlightening to hear from our netters with political science training. 
  Dilip Deka
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