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He is one of my new techie student roomates - worked in software for a top Indian company in Bangalore before coming here for masters.

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  Hi Umesh 
  you are partially right. Almost all the students get a job after graduation through a consultant or directly. The avg sal for MS students of GMU is not 60K but its 55K. In india, getting 3 lakhs is pretty easy. A fresher out of bachelor school gets around 2.4 lakhs/yr. If you think 2000$ per yr is enough for an individual in India, it depends on you. It maybe enuf for some, but if you are in an expensive city like Banglore or mumbai and want to maintain a decent lifestyle, then 2.4 lakhs is sufficient. But if u hav a family , then u may find that very less. 10 years ago, 2.4 lakhs might be a big amount but it is not cnsidered a good salary today..

  On 5/21/07, Umesh Sharma <14312205275574945249 at mail.orkut.com> wrote:   Ofcourse IITians etc can expect scholarships for PhD - just after bachelors -like the one I met at Stanford Univ inside a bus shuttle ( http://cs.stanford.edu/People/phd_students ) - a grad from IIT Mumbai in CS. But there are a lot of Indian students who have found workable calculations to pay for their US IT/Telecom education. 

Any comments?


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