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Assam Netters to be careful?? Ofcourse we only berate others - not our own :-)

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Fired for Blogging?
 Complaining about your boss online might not be the best way to handle problems at work, writes columnist Lily Garcia.
More How to Deal
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Not What You Expected? Speak Up
Kenneth Bredemeier helps a worker who feels that his new boss misrepresented his new job's responsibilities.
How Much Are You Worth?
 Wondering if you should be bringing home a fatter paycheck? Our salary tool can jump-start your research.
Life at Work Live: Don't Discount Temp Work
Temporary work isn't a black mark on a graduate student's resume, said Amy Joyce in her latest online chat: "It's a job, you're gaining skills, you're making it work while you're getting your degree."
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Career Track Live: Working Women
Don't assume you have to act as secretary because you're female, said a guest of Mary Ellen Slayter's in her latest online chat: "Don't always be the first person to offer up your help for admin-type work. I'd also ask the guys to chip in."
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• Mary Ellen's next chat is Monday, May 28 at 2 p.m. ET: Ask a question.
Graduation Gift
If you're a member of the college class of 2007 -- or just know somebody who is -- then this special feature is for you.

Job Resources
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