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 Taking oath in name of Allah

  Can MLAs or MPs take oath in the name of Allah? A Bench has agreed to
examine the constitutional validity of the oath taken in the name of Allah.

Madhu Parumala, Vice President of the Kerala unit of Bharatiya Janata Yuva
Morcha has filed a special leave petition (SLP) against an order of the
state's High Court upholding the validity of the oath taken by 11 Muslim
MLAs in the name of Allah in the current Assembly.

Parumala requested the court to stay the July 21 High Court order and
restrain the said 11 members from attending the Assembly sessions until the
petition was decided as their oath was illegal and unconstitutional.

The High Court had held that the MLAs did not violate any constitutional
provision by taking oath in the name of Allah.

Madhu has contended that taking the oath in the name of Allah violated
Article 188 for taking oath and the Third Schedule of the Constitution which
prescribes the manner of taking oath. An MP or MLA can take oath by saying,
"I swear in the name of God" or "I solemnly affirm." But can they take oath
in the name of Allah?  The apex court will examine it in July.
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