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Chan Mahanta cmahanta at charter.net
Thu May 24 07:57:56 PDT 2007

Thanks Chitta.

I am not sure of my Rushdie looks. He is not all that handsome :-). I 
tell people  I am a Karzai . Our native  strangers here in St. Louis 
do a double-take thinking I am a shortened resurrection of CBS-60 
Minutes'  Ed Bradley ( who passed away recently).  But really I look 
more like myself .

Yeah, the website is a cat's meow. It is like a child learning 
ko-ko-mo-mo and dying to show off . So don't  invoke 'ko 
bulibo-nware, rotnawoli porhe', yet, OK ? I am trying. But you know 
how that proboson goes: "burha xalikai maat loboli xikise'" ?  It 
isn't easy.

I already have pictures of many of the flowers you suggest below. 
Will post when time and purchased cyber-space allows. Some I have not 
tried to record, because they are common to large parts of the world. 
I try to stay to those that are unique to our native region. A few 
names I don't recognize. Can you refer me to alternative names, so I 
know what to look for when I go on my next shooting foray? These are: 
Akaxigonga, Beena, Madhoimaloti, Madhobilota, Maloti and Thupitora. 
Also, aren't Kothal sompa and Gulonchi ( gulos) the same?

Thanks for the detailed response to the Mohamari curing problems.  I 
will get back to you, hopefully some time soon. But  the questions of 
intellect, intent, sincerity etc. are not irrelevant, when they stand 
out as they do. The trick to avoid bringing them out that create the 
displeasures they do is to act accordingly :-).


>>Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 20:29:29 -0700 (PDT)
>>From: chittaranjan pathak <chittaranjanpathak at yahoo.com>
>>Subject: My first web page
>>To: assam at assamnet.org
>>Cc: Chandan Mahanta <cmahanta at charter.net>
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>>Mahanta da
>>Nice clean refreshing website. You look good-a bit
>>like Salman Rushdie.
>>Just a request. Some body was mentioning service to
>>Assam. Next time you go to Assam, if time permits
>>please try to take photographs of all the Assamese
>>flowers like Akaxigonga, Beena, Bhet, Bokul, Gulap,
>>Gulonsi, Indramaloti, Jaba, Jai, Juti, Keteki,
>>Khorikajai, Kopow, Kothalsompa, Krishnasura,
>>Madhoimaloti, Madhobilota, Maloti, Modar, Naarzi,
>>Nahor, Newali, Radhasura, Rokto joba, Sompa, Xunaru,
>>Xurujmukhi, Tholpodmo, Thupitora, Togor, Xewali and
>>many more which I might have missed.
>>It will be a good repository for Assamese flowers and
>>will be good for honing your photographic skills in
>>Time permits-I will come back with the responses to
>>some of the valid points you have raised. But you have
>>to give REPLY-for a change.
>>No analysis of the questioneer's intellect, intent,
>>sincerity etc.
>>Have a good weekend.
>>Chittaranjan Regards
>>for the edge of your seat?
>>Check out tonight's top picks on Yahoo! TV.

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