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A good question.  The last few days I have been looking for barasahoriya bhaona on the net, and that culture did not look dependent.  But put another way, it could mean the Assamese have a strong sense of community, and work best in a community.  The individualist streak is missing, probably.   

The individualistic streak can only develop in an urban environment, and even Guwahati is just a generation away from its rural moorings.  Shantikam Hazarika is probably a pioneering urbanizer, in that sense.


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Mitra Kali
That was a fine article by Mitra. Hazarika can take just pride on
it.  I saw it earlier. One of Hazarika's comments struck me as

"Here, we don't teach
people to stand on their own two feet,"
he says, rueful again. "I call
>it the dependency culture. It is the biggest stumbling
block to development out here," he adds.

*** Question is WHY? Where did it spring from? Is it genetic? Is
it acquired? If so from what?

Perhaps we can dissect it and learn from? Perhaps Hazarika can
elaborate on it?

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