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Dear Assam.org,

I am contacting on behalf of the Indian Students Association (ISA) at UC
Berkeley. We are interested in having your region's culture represented in
our newest event upcoming this September, tentatively labeled Diversity of
India (DOI).

DOI, would center around the premise that India is exotic and diverse. Yes,
we have our standard bhangra, Raas, Diwali, and Holi events. However, I got
to thinking after several people from last year's council warned that we
should stick to our cultural roots if we are to grow strong as a cultural
organization. Many Indian student organizations throughout the country have
these events, but they are mostly representative of the Punjabi and Gujrati
communities (and a general North India emphasis). However, India has much
more to offer. This year, after making new friends with people from regions
of India traditionally underrepresented in the South Asian population on
campus, it became clear that we should illustrate that ISA is about ALL of
India, not just the major population centers. The goal of DOI would be to
seek out those regionally unique elements of culture (in both food and
performance arts) that we normally don't get to see in South Asian events
put on by Berkeley's South Asian student groups.

We will be featuring a cultural showcase (without awards, no competition):
There would be roughly 8-10 art performances, each from a different region
of India (musical, dance, poetry, singing, etc.)

The emphasis would be to keep the performances strictly REGIONAL. This means
an art form found only in the respective region, not something practiced
throughout India. Thus, even though things like Sitar and Tabla are highly
cultural, they would NOT be a part of DOI because they are widespread.

We want to see something specifically from your community's region of India
that makes it special.

If you know of any performers (singers, musicians, dancers, etc.) of art
forms unique to  that would like to represent Assamese culture at DOI,
please let us know. The event will take place sometime in September. We want
to raise awareness of Assamese culture and India's diversity! Feel free to
call me if you have any questions or email back ASAP.  We have tried really
hard to find Assamese organizations in the Bay Area, but to no avail. If you
know of any contact info for such groups in the Bay Area, please let us
know!!! We know there is one, Jonaki, but we are unable to get their contact


Aditya Kashyap

ISA Internal Vice-President


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