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chittaranjan pathak chittaranjanpathak at yahoo.com
Fri May 25 04:52:21 PDT 2007

Mahanta da
Frankly speaking I am not very much sure about the
flowers. Actually I just noted down those which I
remember reading in xadhukothas and seeing at our
guwahati home garden.
Akaxigonga as far as I remember is a ground plant very
much like top of pinaple but around 1 to 2 m high from
ground. And the reddish purpllish sweet smelling
flower comes out from the centre on a long support
I think Beena and madhobilota are same-creeper with
small light reddish flower.
Kothal-sompa and I remember one more konok-sompa-these
are big trees with yellow very sweet smelling flower.
Gulonsi I think is frangipani-whitish yellowish
I am not sure about others.
There is one more I remember-Hasna hana which blooms
and spreads its fragnance late at night.
May be somebody from assam can throw some light.
Thanks and best wishes with the website venture.

--- Chan Mahanta <cmahanta at charter.net> wrote:

> Thanks Chitta.
> I am not sure of my Rushdie looks. He is not all
> that handsome :-). I 
> tell people  I am a Karzai . Our native  strangers
> here in St. Louis 
> do a double-take thinking I am a shortened
> resurrection of CBS-60 
> Minutes'  Ed Bradley ( who passed away recently). 
> But really I look 
> more like myself .
> Yeah, the website is a cat's meow. It is like a
> child learning 
> ko-ko-mo-mo and dying to show off . So don't  invoke
> 'ko 
> bulibo-nware, rotnawoli porhe', yet, OK ? I am
> trying. But you know 
> how that proboson goes: "burha xalikai maat loboli
> xikise'" ?  It 
> isn't easy.
> I already have pictures of many of the flowers you
> suggest below. 
> Will post when time and purchased cyber-space
> allows. Some I have not 
> tried to record, because they are common to large
> parts of the world. 
> I try to stay to those that are unique to our native
> region. A few 
> names I don't recognize. Can you refer me to
> alternative names, so I 
> know what to look for when I go on my next shooting
> foray? These are: 
> Akaxigonga, Beena, Madhoimaloti, Madhobilota, Maloti
> and Thupitora. 
> Also, aren't Kothal sompa and Gulonchi ( gulos) the
> same?
> Thanks for the detailed response to the Mohamari
> curing problems.  I 
> will get back to you, hopefully some time soon. But 
> the questions of 
> intellect, intent, sincerity etc. are not
> irrelevant, when they stand 
> out as they do. The trick to avoid bringing them out
> that create the 
> displeasures they do is to act accordingly :-).
> m-da
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> >>Mahanta da
> >>Nice clean refreshing website. You look good-a bit
> >>like Salman Rushdie.
> >>Just a request. Some body was mentioning service
> to
> >>Assam. Next time you go to Assam, if time permits
> >>please try to take photographs of all the Assamese
> >>flowers like Akaxigonga, Beena, Bhet, Bokul,
> Gulap,
> >>Gulonsi, Indramaloti, Jaba, Jai, Juti, Keteki,
> >>Khorikajai, Kopow, Kothalsompa, Krishnasura,
> >>Madhoimaloti, Madhobilota, Maloti, Modar, Naarzi,
> >>Nahor, Newali, Radhasura, Rokto joba, Sompa,
> Xunaru,
> >>Xurujmukhi, Tholpodmo, Thupitora, Togor, Xewali
> and
> >>many more which I might have missed.
> >>It will be a good repository for Assamese flowers
> and
> >>will be good for honing your photographic skills
> in
> >>Assam.
> >>Time permits-I will come back with the responses
> to
> >>some of the valid points you have raised. But you
> have
> >>to give REPLY-for a change.
> >>No analysis of the questioneer's intellect,
> intent,
> >>sincerity etc.
> >>Have a good weekend.
> >>Regards
> >>
> >>Chittaranjan Regards
> >>
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