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Hi Chitta:

Sounds likle 'madhobi lota'  is what we used to call 'kunjo-lota' ( 
Ipomea sloteri).

See if it is:  http://davesgarden.com/pf/showimage/21628/   or  

I grew it in St. Louis for a couple of years, long ago. Got seeds 
from Namti. But gave up doing so--- takes too much space to have it 
show well, and too much trouble :-). Seeds are widely available in 
the USA from mail order nurseries.

>I have seen madhabilata. It's a creeper. They bloom profusely. The 
>flowers have thin, long ( about 3/4 inches) stems and the pink 
>petals are oval shaped. The size of the flower is  kind of like 
>vinca.The flowers bloom in a bunch together. Madhabilata flowers 
>have tiny  holes inside and you can make a garland out of several 
>flowers by pushing in the stems into the center of a flower one 
>after another. You don't need a needle. My mom showed me how.When I 
>was about five years old,  I used to make  garlands every 
>morning for my grandfather. He was not keeping well. I remember him 
>lying in bed , resting but he would always raise his head to accept 
>the flower garland from me. I loved making flower  garland for 
>him.The flowers have sweet fragrance and the humming birds love 
>them. You can snip off the end of the stem and suck the nectar.The 
>nectar taste so good. Last time I visited Guahati the  madhabilata 
>was still there.I touched it and smelled it. Different people live 
>in that house now.  Who knows ? They must have cut it.The forty year 
>old creeper was a nuisance to them because they needed to add a 
> room in the front.
>We do have a small plant here in our back yard in Houston . Saw it 
>in a nursery in Houston.  It is not a giant creeper but a very tiney 
>one Had to have it:). This morning I saw tiny flower buds pushing 
>thru the branches.
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