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  http://jaipurschool.bihu.in/entry.php?u=jaipurschool&e_id=1513 some might find this more concise in the post above - I have put the whole one above (besides deleted portions)
  I an effort to evade copyright infringement of a CIES article - a society of which I am a member (though I am told we can circulate in private groups - like AssamNet??) I am giving a commentary and deleting some portions from the article

  It challenges the then prevalent notion that international graduate students are money hungry bunch of job-pirates - in light of Sep 11 , 2001 bombings in USA - done by student visa holders . SEVIS and  Visa Mantis are now online ways by which students are kept track of --like in July 2005 some Egyptian students went missing soon after arrival --leading to hue and cry on national TV channels - they had gone to see the Great Lakes and had forgotten to report to their univ of their arrival.
  So how is the perception changing -- here is some juicy bit of info (other parts I have already deleted)

    Comparative Education Review, vol. 51, no. 1.
© 2007 by the Comparative and International Education Society. All rights reserved.
      Citizenship in a Global Context: The Perspectives of International Graduate Students in the United States 

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