[Assam] Assamese Buddhist must vet the renovation work on the temple of Buddhist origin where Kamma was allowed to end in the path seeking Nirvana. Hindu Puro’hits have hijacked it with a fabricated storey, now the remaining Buddhist artefacts are at risk.

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Kamakhya Temple in Assam to be renovated



The Assam government and a leading corporate giant have finalised plans to
renovate the world famous Kamakhya Temple, the centre of the Shakti and
Tantrik cult.

Poor maintenance often leads to inconvenience and harassment to thousands of
pilgrims who throng the temple every year.

This could, however be a thing of the past with the government chalking out
an action plan to give the temple a facelift.

Assam Tourism Secretary Sunanda Sengupta says the government has firmed up
plans to develop this seat of the mystique tantra cult which is also
regarded in religious texts as the seat of the "Shakti Pith".

"Kamakhya has all the ingredients to match other famous religous places of
the country and the government has taken up plans to develop it which would
also help fetch more revenue", she said.

"To begin with the government has approved a ropeway to the Kamakhya and
Bhubaneswari temple, situated atop the picturesque Neelachal Hills
overlooking the mighty river Brahmaputra", Sengupta said.

The ropeway, Sengupta said, would be an added attraction for the tourist
visiting the city, she said.

Though funds from the central government were still meagre, the state's
tourism budget was also not much but even then the state government has
decided to implement a special package, she said.

The package includes lighting of the entire temple and construction of a
"Yatri Nivas" for the pilgrims which will be completed by this month end,
the official said.

The government is also focussing strongly on the yet undiscovered religious
circuit in the state, which is home to the three major Hindu cults-- Tantrik
Shaktism, Saivism and Vaishnavism-- and also Islam and Buddhism.

To supplement the government's effort is the Dharampal and Satyapal, a
corporate group which has come forward to work with the government to
develop the temple.

The company plans to undertake construction of a dome infront of the Ganesh
Mandir at the entrance of the holy pond, a company's spokesman said.

There is also a plan to construct a "Sitala" mandir on the left side of the
main temple and construction of a wall around the holy pond to keep it clean
(as all pilgrims first go there for a wash before entering the main shrine).

Construction of brass railing on the steps leading to the pond and and
filtration unit for water filtering of the holy pond is also on the anvil,
he said.

One of the major project of the company is to construct a museum of tantrik
cult and also to provide a place for preservation and safety of precious
stone statues of historical significance that are presently lying scattered
in the campus and are of the trantrik age, the spokesman said.

"This is a part of the company's corporate social responsibility as Maa
Kamakhya temple is one of the most important holy places in India and hordes
of devotees throng this place every year", he said.

The temple is not only important to devotees but also to the tourism
industry which considers it as one of the major draws of the area.
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