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Here is KJD's response to your response.
Is it possible to subscribe KJD on to the list :)


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Hi Ram,

I  can't get into Assam net,since I have not re-subscribed to it.Here are a
few responses:

1)  The foot soldiers ( those who have become cannon fodders), engaged in
the CI ops,are not orphans nor should they be used as sacrificial lambs.

2) Had the situation been ' no-holds-barred',the Army should have been able
to pulverise the entire locality along with the residents at one go.Have we
ever heard of this? The cordon-and-search and search-and-destroy,the
back-bones of any CI missions.,would not have been necessary.

3) Even the dhoti-clad citizen,having border-line IQ,should have no
difficulty in making out the meaning of " hides among the common people".To
be able to remain mixed with the run-of-the-mill population does not mean
that their identity ( read terrorist) is known to the public all along nor
does it denote that they are being mollycoddled by the citizen.Had that been
the case,we would not have seen people registering protests in round numbers
against the evils perpetrated by the terrorists.Beyond all questions,there
will always be some side-kicks of insurgents roaming around the common
masses.That's why a soldier has to keep everyone under the umbrella of

4) Sondon kokaidew has scored full marks for the fact of reminding me that I
am not a military strategist.Without any clauses and caveats,I am no Army
specialist---- just as one does not have to be a terrorist in order
to become one of their yes-man or acolyte.

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