[Assam] Fwd: letters to the Editor

Chan Mahanta cmahanta at charter.net
Fri May 25 19:47:43 PDT 2007

Call it what you  want to Rajib. Desis like to tell the English speaking world
what the meanings of their words ought to be :-).  Like Indian 
'secular' VS real 'secular', heh-heh.

But I agree with you that it is a nightmare.

Question is WHY the informed and the educated would rather have it continue?

At 5:51 PM -0700 5/25/07, Rajib Das wrote:
>The rest, unfortunately, is not history. It is a
>nightmare. And therein is the tragedy.
>>the Indian army/CRPF
>>  goons with the
>>  connivance of Assam govt. stooges. When it came to a
>>  breaking point,
>>  they said enough is enough. And the rest is history
>>  Ram.
>>  c-da
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