[Assam] Sharing pics on the Web

Jyotirmoy Sharma jsharma at iinet.net.au
Sat May 26 03:44:51 PDT 2007

Pictures speak a thousand words - it is said.
While we argue and continue blaming each other on the net, I thought  
that it's not a bad idea to get to know a person by face too. Really  
liked the pics that Mr Mahanta posted on his page.

I had uploaded some pics from my digital album to


It is no way classy or fancy but a great way to share pics with friends.
I hope more people from Asaam Net would like to do likewise.

For those unaware:
picasa from Google is a free software that allows you to share  
pictures on the web( upto 1GB, I think. Beyond that, one woud have to  
pay ). Users can upload a compressed version of the image to save  
space. For eg a 600KB compressed into something like 200K looks  
equally good on the web page.

Feel free to send comments. Most pictures are from Perth, Australia.  
I will upload more when I am not lazy :-)


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