[Assam] Anti-ULFA slogans rattle Pengere

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You are right, Sandip.

>Werent they (Ulfa) also pressurising the Ulfa-wives to continue their >fast
and possibly die so that they could score more points against >the GOI?

>From the petition that the ulfa supporters sent around, there were several
things buried in it like

Hold talks, free ulfa cadres imprisoned, and of course 'what happened to the
missing husbands' of the ulfa wives. Those poor wives were taken full
advantage of by the ULFA and their supporters.

And you are right, had they died, wow! imagine the publicity and the blame
the GOI would have got. That is one BIG reason, why the ulfa and its
supporters were so upset that these poor fasting women were taken to the

It is quite normal for the Govt. to take satygrahis to the hospital, force
feed them, and even arrest them (for trying to commit sucide).

Ulfa's its cohorts have now come up with new strategies. They now use
anything HR, force, etc to prove that they still are a force to reckon with
- and so the "talks" has to of course be with them.
The GOI has probably realized that the group is desparate and represents
only small groups here and there. And so the GOI in NOT inclined to take
part in any talks.

If the ulfa leadership wants to hedge its bets thats fine - but even if they
come forward now - they may save face. A few more years, and the tables may
be turned absoluted around, with the ulfa holding no valuable chips.

Even the new Govt. in B'desh is more than ever inclined to flush out the
likes of ulfa.

--Ram da

On 5/25/07, SANDIP DUTTA <pseude at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  Ram Da,
> Werent they (Ulfa) also pressurising the Ulfa-wives to continue their fast
> and possibly die so that they could score more points against the GOI?
> Rgds,
> SD
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>   These two news items from the Sentinel make interesting reading. For
> one, it shows that the relationship between the ulfa and the common folks in
> villages is not that cosy after all (as touted by some). In fact, one might
> even call the relationship 'confrontational'?
> The other is that, as far as one can deduce, the ulfa and its cohorts are
> threatening people to continue some kind of protest and is bringing harping
> on the HR angle.
> This is also interesting:
> Meanwhile, the ULFA, in a statement issued today expressed its regret over
> the killing of the school teacher, *but maintained that the teacher was an
> Army informer*. - Sentinel
> And who would be next - the Gaon Bura (the head man), some 'khetiok'
> (farmer), the village 'benga' (the village idiot)?.
> (Highlights mine)
> --Ram
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> Anti-ULFA slogans rattle Pengere
> From our Reporter
> TINSUKIA, May 25: With the outlawed ULFA continuing its strikes, the
> common people in upper Asom have started to raise their voice against the
> rebel group's activities. Protest rallies against the killing of Kailashpur
> High School teacher Rohini Gogoi by the ULFA rattled Pengere area today.
> Thousands of students took to the streets with the body of the teacher and
> shouted anti-ULFA slogans. There were protest meetings at Pengere HS School
> and Kakopathar also. Both the meetings condemned the ULFA for killing the
> school teacher.
> The protest at Kakopathar was participated by a number of organizations,
> including the AASU, AJYCP, Moran Students' Union, Motock Yuba-Chatra
> Parishad and All Tai Ahom Students' Union.
> It may be mentioned here that giving vent to the fury over the recurring
> incidents of violence, the local public lynched three ULFA rebels and
> apprehended two others in the last ten days.
> An ULFA militant was beaten to death by students and villagers of
> Kailashpur in Pengere of Tinsukia district after the rebel and his
> accomplice shot dead Rohini Gogoi, an assistant teacher of Kailashpur High
> School, yesterday.
> Soon after the incident, the schools students as well as local villagers
> chased the rebels, caught one of them and beat him to death.
> A pistol and some ammunition were recovered from the slain militant who
> was identified as Baidhya Dhadumia.
> This is the third incident in ten days when public took on the rebels hand
> to hand.
> *Meanwhile, the ULFA, in a statement issued today expressed its regret
> over the killing of the school teacher, but maintained that the teacher was
> an Army informer. *
>     *Police: ULFA instigating protest
> *GUWAHATI, May 25: The outlawed ULFA has threatened people to launch
> protests against security forces in upper Asom, police sources said today. A
> week after the nine-day agitation launched by villagers at Tinsukia against
> the killing of an 'innocent civilian' during an alleged encounter on May 6,
> a top police official told UNI there was ample evidence that ULFA cadres
> threatened villagers of dire consequences if they did not intensify the
> agitation.
> The nine-day national highway blockade staged by villagers at Rupai Siding
> near Doomdooma had adversely affected communication and supply of essential
> commodities to the four districts of Arunachal Pradesh, the secluded Sadiya
> subdivision in upper Asom as well as some interior places in Tinsukia. At
> least five civilians were killed and several others injured during a clash
> between different ethnic communities, propelling the administration to
> impose curfew in trouble-torn areas.
> "After a series of reverses since the last few months, *the ULFA is bent
> on bringing into play the human rights angle for its survival. In the latest
> instance, the ULFA took advantage of the killing by intimidating the
> villagers to launch a campaign against the security forces in Tinsukia, *"
> the police official said. About 50 ULFA rebels have been killed by security
> forces and over 300 others either apprehended or forced to surrender during
> the last five months.
> The official said inquiries revealed that ULFA rebels assaulted villagers
> with sticks and even threatened them at gunpoint in areas like Kakopathar,
> Dirak and Mohong to participate in the protest.
> These places, mostly remote, are known to be safe havens of the outfit.
> "With this, the ULFA wants to instigate the people against the police and
> Army and mount pressure on them," the official said.
> The ULFA has been demanding the withdrawal of the Army from the State.
> Similar protests were also witnessed after the killing of a resident of
> Dirak Chariali in Kakopathar, Ajit Mahanta, on February 8, 2004.
> At least eight people were killed and several others injured when security
> forces resorted to lathicharge and firing to control protesting villagers,
> who went on a rampage, blocking roads, damaging vehicles and attacking
> security personnel near Lajum police station. UNI
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