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<Who copied what from whom?>
The Danish ARCHITECT who designed the Sydney Opera House copied Petals.
The Lotus Temple of Ba'hais also  copied petals
So who copied whom?
Before the advent of Portland Cement and High Strength steel none of these overhangs would have been possible due to their huge Tensile loads.
First non-cement-non-steel  labour-busying Constructions were the Pyramids in Egypt,Mexico,Peru and in the South Eastern Pacific.
Then the Roman-Greek Amphithetres,Aquaducts/Viaducts/ arched-bridges all B.C. and till recent times 
  In between came Hindu/Jain elongated Spired Temples.
Then came  basilicas ,spires .domes under Islam and Christian patronage. 
Iranian-inspired Tajmahal-like domes  came next.
Only then Shell RCC.
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