[Assam] ULFA like diabetes - no cure but can keep it down

umesh sharma jaipurschool at yahoo.com
Sat May 26 15:30:43 PDT 2007

  I realize that there is no cure for violent people - some people will always be violent - even in US so many are robbed and killed daily. Aryan Nation is still going strong in some places. People come from fram away to wreck havoc as well --- see Sep 11, 2001 bombing in US which killed 3000 and destroyed the most famous landmarks of New York City - full of the most accomplished business experts..
  So people of some hues like violence and will do it one way or the other.
  However, the vast majority of people prefer productive lives - and will not follow extremists is they are gainfully employed. Govt of India has to take up policies - in a proActively way - with a missionary zeal -- to make Assam better than West Bengal atleast!!
  So what say the netters?
  PS: There is no cure for diabetes I am told - but thru regular exercise one can avoid its attacks and insulin imbalance (?) or whatever harm it causes

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