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  IIT Guwahati
— Twelve years may not be enough for an ordinary educational institute to consolidate its position, but for an advanced institute of technology like IIT Guwahati, supported by Union Government funds, that period has seen its growth into a full-fledged facility providing quality education to some of the country’s best young minds. At present in its 700-acre campus, it has come to possess almost all major departments with more in the offing. Alumni of the IIT Guwahati are now working in some of the most successful tech majors across the world proving that the education they had received counted among the best available. One area of concern for IIT Guwahati like other institutes of technology is how to produce more researchers, or academics and not just graduates intent on joining corporates offering attractive pay packages. In several convocations of the IIT Guwahati, a common refrain has been the dearth of students to pursue higher studies or get involved in research
 activities. In spite of repeated appeals by the IIT’s top academics, the number of students opting for research has not increased in a satisfactory manner. As a consequence the contribution of the institute in the field of research has not enlarged to the extent it could have been possible. The manner in which the promising young institution surmounts this hurdle is an issue that deserves critical attention. The other important query that needs to be addressed by educationists and academics of Assam is how to train more students to secure admission in an IIT; it is well to remember that the IIT Guwahati was among the ‘gifts’ of the Assam Accord with the aim that it would help educate young students of the region. Till now we have not seen a strategic road map prepared by the State Government or from the non-Government sector to train students for the tough IIT entrance test. The need to motivate students at the school level to get interested in IIT education has to be
 fulfilled if Assam is to create its own technologically superior human resource.


   (The Assam Tribune,27.05.2007)

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