[Assam] Anti-ULFA slogans rattle Pengere

SANDIP DUTTA pseude at yahoo.com
Sun May 27 05:42:37 PDT 2007

Instead of liberating Bangladesh, India should have pulverized and occupied it and solved the problem permanently ! 

Also, all the hindu bengali refugees could have gone back honourably and no one would have had to die or get killed in the great andolan. Add to that the great advantage of having another vast tract of land under India's control. The term "chicken neck" would not have existed.

As for the remaining moslems there - they could be given one way tickets to the gulf and all would be happy :-)


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This is what I feel should happen in Assam:
President' Rule be imposed on Assam.
ULFA given a strict deadline by which to surrender and come for talks.
Bangladesh also given a deadline by which they should destroy and  
hand over anti India insurgents lodged in their territory.
In the failure of the above, India launches a full scale offensive on  
ULFA  in NE as well as inside Bangladesh territory.
If the World reacts, it will be a good fortune for India. India has  
enough evidence of how terrorists are striking India from across the  
border and how Bangladesh is offering a safe sanctuary to these groups.
India should come out of it's puppet like spineless existence. If it  
wants to be a superpower in the next 2 decades it should behave like  
one. What is the use of spending so much of national wealth on  
defense if it can't even protect it's own borders. Look at Israel, it  
launched a full scale offensive against Lebanon to rescue 2 of it's  
soldiers from Hezbollah.

On 27/05/2007, at 7:06 AM, Chan Mahanta wrote:

>>  >Should a Govt continue in business if a group of a few thousand
> ( <3000)  can hold the state to ransom with their cowardly tactics?
> *** Good question. Should  it?  I would not even go into the choice  
> of adjectives here.
> And if not, what should be done and who should ?
> Finally, HOW will that be stopped? WHO will do that ?
> At 6:08 PM +0800 5/26/07, Jyotirmoy Sharma wrote:
>> Just as we talk the cowards have struck again in Fancy Bazar,  
>> Guwahati.
>> Should a Govt continue in business if a group of a few thousand
>> ( <3000)  can hold the state to ransom with their cowardly tactics?
>> JS
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