[Assam] Silchar boy shines in musical talent show

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Silchar boy shines in musical talent  show

>From our Correspondent
SILCHAR, May 27: After the stellar performance  of Debojit Saha, Rathijit and Saptaparma of Barak Valley in the talent shows  organized by different satellite channels, another young rising music artist  Ratnadeep Chowdhury of this town is hogging the limelight. 
He has surpassed  a number of contestants at the Amul Star Voice of India programme currently on  in a private television channel through his skill and mellifluous voice. His  ascent to this musical feat has come through tests and auditions at different  levels.
Ratnadeep made a breakthrough in April end any May 15 by his  outstanding merit at the Amul Star programmes in Kolkata. In these pre-final  mega musical contests, he enthralled an assembly of 10,000 audiences and won  their applaud. Eminent personalties of the music world— Adesh Srivastava,  Abhijit, Alka Yagnik and Lalit Pandit— were the judges. Bollywood and Tollywood  stars, Koninika, Vikram Ghose, Shipra Basu and Tony Bose, were present as  special invites. 
Gajendra Singh, the noted choreographer, made the gala  events memorable.
Ratnadeep impressed the judges by his inimitable style. His  devotional as well as modern songs were different in rhythmic and sonorous  touches. 
He displayed great elan in the fusion of classical, semi classic  and Sufi notes that left deep imprints on the minds of the music lovers.
The  young artist is all set to do still better in the final wrap up of the programme  in Mumbai. The young artists achieved the distinctive honour of being the first  among all the participants in Kolkata Doordarshan musical programme. 
He has  been receiving lessons on classical and other forms of music from well-known  persons of the art. He made his debut in the world of music as a B-grade artist  of Silchar Doordarshan. He then moved to Kolkata for more exposition and  training.
Under the care of well-known singers, Haimanti Shukla and Alok  Chattopadhya, he has gained much.
Born to tabla artist of this town Bhaskar  Chowdhury and his spouse Dipika Chowdhury, Ratnadeep has been inspired not only  by his parents but also by his friends and well-wishers to become a music  artist. Sharing all this information of his son with this scribe, Bhaskar  Chowdhury said he is confident of his son emerging as a topper in the mega  final.

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