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  Highlights this Week    
   Research & Ideas: Fixing the Marketing-CEO Disconnect  
   What Do You Think: How Do Managers Think?  
   First Look: New publications from HBS faculty

==============================   New on the Site  Research & Ideas: Fixing the Marketing-CEO Disconnect  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5674.html
In many companies, the marketing function has wandered far from the company's overall strategy. The result: lower margins and declining productivity, says Professor Gail McGovern. She discusses what executives can do to repair the split and introduces a new diagnostic tool for measuring marketing performance used in HBS executive education programs.

  What Do You Think: How Do Managers Think?  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5678.html
Online forum now OPEN until Wednesday, May 23. "Uncertainty sometimes is essential for success" asserts a new book, How Doctors Think. The work of doctors raises intriguing questions about managing, says Jim Heskett, since diagnostics are an important part of managerial decision-making, too. Can we learn about good (or bad) diagnostic procedure by observing our medical counterparts?

  First Look: Cutting-Edge Faculty Research  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5688.html
This week: When consumers choose between "want" and "should" ... Alliance chains that mesh universities, biotech, and pharma ... An agenda for fighting world poverty. Each week First Look summarizes new working papers, case studies, and publications produced by Harvard Business School faculty. Here readers get a "first look" at cutting-edge ideas before they enter the mainstream of business practice. 

  Most Popular Stories
  The Key to Managing Stars? Think Team  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5617.html

  How Do Managers Think?  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5678.html

  The Price of Capital: Evidence from Trade Data  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5682.html

  Creating a Positive Professional Image  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/4860.html

  An Empirical Approach to Understanding Privacy Valuation  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5685.html

  Best of Faculty Q&As  The Tricky Business of Nonprofit Brands  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/4686.html
Coca-Cola, move over. Many of the world's best-known brands belong to nonprofits, but the brand management issues these organizations face can be quite different. A conversation with Professor John A. Quelch and collaborator Nathalie Laidler-Kylander.

  Working Paper Spotlight  Scale without Mass: Business Process Replication and Industry Dynamics  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5532.html
by Erik Brynjolfsson, Andrew McAfee, Michael Sorell, and Feng Zhu
Download the PDF. Over the past ten years there's been a clear link between IT investment and productivity growth in the U.S. economy. But what impact has IT had on competition? This paper identifies several recent changes in the competitive dynamics of U.S. industries and shows that they are associated with IT intensity; the more IT an industry has, the greater the changes.

  Elsewhere at Harvard Business School
  Leading Science-Based Enterprises  http://www.exed.hbs.edu/redirects/lsbe_wk/index.html
HBS Executive Education Program
June 26–29, 2007

  Leading Product Development  http://www.exed.hbs.edu/redirects/lpd_wk/index.html
HBS Executive Education Program
July 9–13, 2007

  Driving Corporate Performance: Aligning Scorecards, Systems, and Strategy  http://www.exed.hbs.edu/redirects/dcp_wk/index.html
HBS Executive Education Program
July 15–20, 2007

  Strategic Agility: Leading Flexible Organizations  http://www.exed.hbs.edu/redirects/sa_wk/index.html
HBS Executive Education Program
July 15–20, 2007

  Comprehensive Leadership Portfolio  http://www.exed.hbs.edu/redirects/clp_wk/index.html
HBS Executive Education Program

  Harvard Business Online  http://harvardbusinessonline.hbsp.harvard.edu/b01/en/home/index.jhtml?_requestid=23929
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