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First of all, thank you to all who have shown interest and have repeatedly
asked and emailed me about the piece I had done on Assam recently. For those
who are not aware but might like to watch it, here are the details.
Due for broadcast: Wednesday,30th MAY 2007
Name of Channel: Al Jazeera International (often called AJI or Al Jazeera
Name of the programme slot: PEOPLE and POWER (world broadcast)
Duration: 21 minutes
Time: Around 7 PM UK time
(You might like to check "today's schedule" for the correct time in your
part of the world
) . Pl pass it to fellow Indians/Khar Khuwas over the world.
Its on AJI's most popular current affairs programme & commissioned to my
friend and colleague Hazel Chandler (also an independent filmmaker)so it
will be aired as her piece. The interviews in Assamese were done by me of

P.S: There wont be any end credits as it's a current affairs piece hence I
would like to officially thank everyone back in Oxom(journalists,agents,
translators, friends, well wishers) who helped me with my research/contacts
and made this piece possible. It's for the first time that a piece on Assam
has been given a prime slot. A lot of my time and energy had gone into
convincing AJI to get Assam's issue to a world audience. This piece gives a
broad view about the current situation in Assam. Nothing deep or new to us
but an effort from my part to the western audience about the insurgency
issue in Assam as I felt there has been mixed opinions about the subject or
very few people are aware that a place called Assam exists.

If u can, please record a copy for me as I am in Guwahati for a very
important personal visit that some of you might be aware.

Thank you and God Bless
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