[Assam] Clamour for a political solution to the ULFA demands from the trader community in Assam is a positive development. Every one should look at the ULFA stand as the core issue. NOT to treat it as a problem but a solution.

Chan Mahanta cmahanta at charter.net
Tue May 29 06:05:26 PDT 2007

I have one question to our highly trained and intelligent friends who 
have offered 'solutions'  for the problem ( or 'mohamari' or 
'hemorrohoids' or whatever other irritant or dread they would like to 
present it as):

	Are these traders, who are directly AFFECTED  by the 
escalating violence, out of their
	little minds; are they anti-national, are they fools being 
manipulated by the ilk of
	MR Goswami, PCH, PCPIA , MASS ?

	Or are they the SENSIBLE ones exercising their 'KANDO-GYAN' ( 
common sense) in
	seeking a resolution from the POWERS that hold  the KEY to a 
solution, instead of
	shedding crocodile tears like so many of our highly 
intelligent friends here, who are
	never affected by what is happening?

This is one of life's great mysteries, or is it :-)?


At 12:09 PM +0100 5/29/07, Bartta Bistar wrote:
>Assam traders call for immediate talks with ULFA
>Guwahati, May. 28 (PTI): The Coordination Committee of different 
>trade associations in Assam today demanded the state government 
>convene immediate "unconditional" talks with the banned ULFA.
>The association, which organised a protest today against the recent 
>bomb blast in the state, said the government should organised talks 
>within a week or it would intesify its stir.
>"Everybody, including the ULFA wants talks, but by neglecting the 
>issue the government is letting the situation out of hand and paving 
>the way for violence," a member of the umbrella body of 30 trade 
>associations, Vijay Gupta, told PTI here.
>"The Assam Government is helpless and the Centre is skirting the 
>issue (of talks) and hence the problem," Gupta said.
>"If the government does not initiate the talks process immediately, 
>we will intensify the agitation and submit memoranda to the 
>President, Prime Minister and Union Home Minister", he said.
>Normal life was crippled in response to the 24-hr Kamrup district 
>bandh, called to protest the killing of seven people in the blasts 
>on Saturday, as the committee members staged a sit-in at the Mahatma 
>Gandhi road.
>Members of the BJP, AGP, NCP, AASU and Purvatto Hindustani Sammelan 
>joined the protest and demanded stern action against those involved 
>in the killing of innocent people.
>Meanwhile, the AASU today observed "Black Day" in Jorhat, the home 
>district of Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, as part of state-wide 
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