[Assam] It is well known how saintly are the India controlled police force in Assam! Why not com

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This is even more scary. 
Anybody with a political motive would not care for the people of Assam! 
Only ULFA can stop this violence in Assam created by groups of other people (granting them the benefit of doubt) and they know how - by having a "real" peace talk with the Center instead of a 'bhekoo-bhauna' of having one like before. And drop 'akoor-gooz' issues that are not practical.
My two cents again..
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Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 05:52:04 +0100From: barttabistar at googlemail.comTo: assam at assamnet.orgSubject: [Assam] It is well known how saintly are the India controlled police force in Assam! Why not commission an impartial inquiry into ALL the incidents where the ULFA has not claimed responsibility? Is it because the State indeed is involved in those?
Ulfa denies role in blasts
Guwahati, May 29: A day after the people of Guwahati sent a strong message by observing a total bandh against the string of blasts in the city, Ulfa came out with a statement denying its hand in any of the violence. 
Instead, the outfit today demanded an impartial inquiry to determine the "forces" behind the incidents. 
The outfit's denial came three days after the latest blast that left six dead and over a score injured in the Athgaon area, triggering a massive public outcry against the mindless violence. 
Denying Ulfa's involvement, the outfit's self-styled military spokesman Raju Barua said in a written statement said there should be an independent inquiry to find the "truth". The outfit also denied its involvement in the spurt of extortion. 
The denial was, however, brushed aside by police who said it was an old Ulfa tactic to wash its hands of any "nefarious incident" once it is faced with public resistance. "There has been a series of bomb blasts in Guwahati for the past month. But the outfit thought it right to make its position clear only after people registered a strong protest by observing a bandh," a senior police official said. 
"Ulfa was waiting for the public reaction. If the bandh was not a resounding success as it was yesterday, it would have remained silent like it was about several other blasts that took place in the city this month," the official said. 

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