[Assam] [WaterWatch] Re: APJ Abdul Kalam+ a few MORE points

Chan Mahanta cmahanta at charter.net
Sat May 26 09:00:00 PDT 2007

Dear Friend:

It is not about the persona of Dr. Kalam. No one is questioning his 
honesty or integrity. Those are not the issues. But when the 
country's president promotes as destructive a scheme as 
Riverlinking,WITHOUT a thorough, scientific, economic and political 
analysis that is TRANSPARENT and in keeping with DEMOCRATIC VALUES, 
then his judgement should be questioned; should be challenged. More 
so when the president goes about lecturing others to think and act 
'scientifically'. To not do so, either out of implicit trust or out 
of a reverence for a personality cult, particularly by the able and 
the informed, will be irresponsible; dereliction of one's citizenship 
duties, in a participatory democracy. How noble the intent of the 
scheme might be, should not be the scale with which to measure it. 
The overall results should be.

Jathropa promotion too is just the same kind of a misplaced faith in 
undertakings that have well-proven to be highly destructive of  the 
fragile balance of an ecosystem that humans and all other living 
things depend upon for survival and shall continue to do so. Have we 
not yet seen the catastrophic results of mono-culture in the lives of 
agrarian people around the world?

Whether  a  proposal is a visionary plan or  wishful thinking , would 
be determined only through critical analyses. Labeling them with 
laudatory terms and putting them on  pedestals to worship as icons 
are not enough.

The jury is still out on Dr. Kalam;'s  wishes of ILR and filling 
countryside with  Jathropa  plantation to quench the thirst for 
diesel is fraught with dangers worse than the lot of Vidarbha cotton 

Best regards.

Chandan Mahanta

At 10:46 PM +0530 5/25/07, Rajeev BMT wrote:
>Dear friend,
>         It is an irony to comment on the popular visions of our great
>scientist and president of India Dr Kalamji at the fag end of his 
>cherished & idealistic tenure in the high office.Anyone hailing from 
>the regions of water starved arid zones only knows the importance of 
>Rivers linking in India and not the one hailing from cities or rain 
>rich areas.
>Regarding Jatropha, it is still in the infant stage and it needs 
>research and trials to cultivate  economically in large scale 
>defending on its agro-climatic requirements. Hence, it is not wise 
>to blame the visionary prez.
>Dr Kalamji, an honest and simple visionary of India  for his 
>endorsement to go for rivers linking to augment the droughts in 
>central and south India and cultivation of Jatropha -a biofuel to 
>reduce the dependency on fossil fuels-patroleim in the interest of 
>economy and also to ward off the global
>  B M T Rajeev.
>On 5/17/07, mc mahant <mikemahant at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>     Office of the president and a person who *occupy it are two different
>>  things*. We *must* WHY? be respectful to the office at all times and
>>  dutifully obey every *good order* of the* presiden*t Not authorized by
>>  Indian Constitutionbut must also reject every bad decision of the
>>  occupant of office of president.
>>  *River Link **Defies Gravity&Seasons* and Jatropha are world's most
>>  "Eccentric" programs promoted by our president and he is silently conniving
>>  on poverty, hunger, meter rigging by discoms, extortion by moneylenders and
>>  SEZ corporate loot etc. Jatropha too is a land grab program. In the
>>  following ICAR link you will find the yield under rain fed conditions is
>>  1100 kg/ hectare, which means cultivators earn revenue of Rs.*5500/- per
>>  hectare**     **Rice /Cereals/Oilseed** **@6Ton/Ha=Rs60,000** *
>>  http://www.icar.org.in/pr/10052006.htm
>>  Had he offered to resign than *signing the **SEZ bill*, *But this was for
>>  TN's gain at **India**'s loss* GOI would have relented and rescind the
>>  SEZ. He has not followed any democratic tradition of speaking his mind but
>>  actually promoted all the "Eccentric" programs.
>>  Something about irrigation and water loss in canals I knew as five year
>  > old, if you tell the president 100 times and 101 times also come up with
>>  exactly the same opinion than there was terribly wrong in *scientific
>  > president+Drinks*  ExPM.
>>  I am just expressing my opinion most of the states have actually rejected
>>  the river link project already.
>>  Was it not foolish of Kalam to urge Punjab farmers to grow poisonous
>>  Jatropha trees that are deadly to known life forms when Punjab is the
>>  bread basket of India is short of food grains.
>>  The survey carried out by National Oil-seeds and Vegetable Oils
>>  Development Board (henceforth referred only as NOVOD) as part of the
>>  "National Network on Jatropha" reported variation in 'oil-content' from 21%
>>  to 48%. The 'oil-content' in the seeds collected from Maharashtra ranged
>>  from 21% to 42%. While conducting this present study, it was found that the
>>  annual seed- yield of Jatropha is highly variable and ranges from 
>>0.4tons/Ha to 12 tons/Ha
>>  *=how  many litres of Diesel*?. In Maharashtra, the only publicly reported
>>  results of**
>>  Jatropha plantation are from Mr. Vinayakrao Patil, a pioneer in Jatropha
>>  plantation and Chairman of Maharashtra Agro-forestry Federation (Nashik).
>>  According to him, results of Jatropha plantation raised on over 20,000 acres
>>  of land between 1986 to1994-95 are not very encouraging, with yields of 1
>>  to 1.5 tons/Ha in the third and fourth years.
>>  Under "very good conditions", the seed production is reported to be as
>>  high as 5.0 Kg/tree or 12.5 metric tons per hectare. But in rain-fed
>>  conditions (lack of irrigation) and poor soils, seed-yield could be as low
>>  as 0.6 Kg / tree or 1.5 metric tons/Ha. Thus, the higher seed-yield is
>>  likely to be possible only from plantations on medium quality soils using
>>  quality-planting material and after standardization and adaptation of
>>  cultivation practices (such as irrigation, fertilizers, and pruning).
>>  'D1 Oils', a private company, has reported several pests and diseases on
>>  Jatropha plants. These include Calidea Bug, Fruit Borer, Leaf Webber, Weaver
>>  Caterpillar, Mite
>>  Infestation, and Root Rot Symptoms.
>>  Thus, there is need to acknowledge that Jatropha can be prone to diseases
>>  and pests, especially when large-sized monoculture plantations are
>>  established on a wider scale.*Is the Rocketman listening?***
>>  -        PRAYAS
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