[Assam] A body blow to Northeast : Patricia Mukhim

Pradip Kumar Datta pradip200 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 11 09:51:47 PDT 2008

A body blow to Northeast : Patricia Mukhim 

It is shocking that a country claiming to be on the super-fast track towards being a global giant, could bungle on a simple dope test on its most promising athlete.

Monika’s chance of making it to Beijing was scuttled by this silly error. How do we term such a blunder except to call it an insidious, manipulative tactic of the sleazy world of Indian sport?.

This incident depicts the ugly underbelly of the Indian Olympics Association (IOA) and all the pre-Olympic wheeling and dealing such as designating Sania Mirza’s mother as a coach so she could be part of the Beijing delegation. One can only be ashamed that such things happen, apart from....more
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