[Assam] Chena Bakhar- the encient khar barud and medicine of Assam!

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Some school age students once asked me US - do Hindus have to drink cow urine as part of their rituals. I replied no - though Indians in rural areas do use cow dung to plaster their houses - supposed to keep insects away and use cow dung patties as fuel. Ofcourse, I mentioned that their is a drink which contains milk and cow urine etc - five elements of the cow (excpet meat ofcourse) which a Brahmin has to take as a sip - (Panchamrit ??) when going for a ceremony - Janeoo. I never went thru the casteist ceremony - though whoever gets married has to go for it.

Now your goat-urine medicine seems like that - why not go for Potassium Nitrate crystals from checmical factories? (if approved by the govt). 


DR BIKASH KUMAR DAS <biku006 at yahoo.co.in> wrote: Friends,
  I am unsure how many know much about CHENA BAKHAR. This will also lead to the study of why goats are kept in Chang Bangla like sahabs in Assam.amazing system.Goats of Assam still enjoy the benefit of living in the Chang bangla, but none know the reason.Yes, one is to get protected from the predators and other...???
  Other and important factor is for making of Chena Bakhar.Generally Mangaldai-Darrang and Kamrup is known for making of this.I do remember father and grand mother giving us chena Bakhar one tiny crystal in a glass of water while we say stomach pain or excess gas formation.Of course now also my father uses it.Chena Bakhar( gun powder) is generally an explosives used by then kings to fire with desi canons. Ironically it is the only existing local medicine- being an explosive! Banned by Govt later and British, the usage as medicine exists,but rare people make it.
  The source of it is GOAT. Not to laugh.The making is like making of desi fatika!! So the goats are kept in the chang bangla.Goat urine is rich in Nitrogen.Since the goat do pass urine more times and it falls down the hut and the soil become sticky after long years.(5-10 yrs).The soil is selected, cleaned from the goat dungs, filtered with cloth with water so that only the sticky urine part remains.RE-filtered and then vapourised by means to dry up and get the tiny crystals of Potassium Nitrate.These are called Chena Bakhar and used as natural medicine.Now no more used as gun powder as latest technique over power it.But the kings were mopre than the scientist to discover this amazing crystal to kep the goats like kings! Only it happens in Assam!!
  Umesh do you like to give a lecture to your students?Call me to your university.......

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