[Assam] Again bomb blast in Guwahati

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At 8:12 PM +0800 4/6/09, Jyotirmoy Sharma wrote:
>Shame on these blood sucking parasites.
>Why don't these liberators blow up their own relatives for Assam's freedoms

*** As tragic as the loss of innocent lives and destruction of 
property involved in this quarter century
old conflict is, I never fail to be confounded by the mindless 
reactions  of those who could be  otherwise considered Assam's best, 
every time it erupts, again and again. I would argue that it is such 
inability and/or unwillingness of Assam's intelligentsia to raise 
their voices in support of finding a political solution to the 
never-ending conflict that has helped keep it alive and indirectly 
help  sustain it.

*** I will be very interested in hearing from the great Chidambaram 
who declared all-out war against ULFA and no-negotiation, when, a 
couple of months or so back, wasn't it?  I presume the intent was to 
bring the conflict to an end with his war machine.  If so, are our 
highly intelligent netters and
Assam 's intelligentsia asking Chidu for any explanation?  Is his 
no-talk policy paying dividends finally?

But I should know! That would be an intellectually monumental hurdle 
to overcome  for  the self-righteous, besides being too easy.

>Those who are supporting these terrorists acts are no lesser evil.

*** Famous last words!

>On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 6:35 PM, Pradip Kumar Datta <pradip200 at yahoo.com>wrote:
>>  Again bomb blast in Guwahati
>>  At
>>  least four persons were killed and 14 others injured when suspected
>>  United Liberation Front of Asom militants triggered a powerful
>>  explosion at the Maligaon area in the western part of Guwahati city at
>>  around 2 pm on Monday.
>>  The
>>  blast occurred just a day ahead of the raising day of the banned ULFA
>>  and also just a day before the Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh was
>>  scheduled to start the campaign trail in the state.Several
>>  cars were also damaged in the explosion that took place in front of a
>>  restaurant opposite to a police station. The blast sparked a raging
>>  fire in the area as local people went berserk attacking policemen and
>>  media persons near the blast siteThe
>>  injured were rushed to three hospitals in the city including Guwahati
>>  Medical College Hospital, Maligaon Railway Hospital and a private
>>  nursing home at the Maligaon area.Two
>>  of the deceased were identified as Bhupen Kumar and Nripen Nath. They
>>  were declared brought dead in Guwahati Medical College Hospital.
>>  Earlier,
>>  security forces in the state had sounded alert before the 'Raising Day'
>>  of the outlawed ULFA on April 7 fearing desperate attempts by the
>>  outfit to trigger violence and blasts in different parts of the state,
>>  especially in the Guwahati city
>>  The
>>  police on Sunday released photographs of the two dreaded ULFA cadres,
>>  Monohari Rajbongshi and Pradip Kalita who have reportedly sneaked into
>>  the state's capital to carry out strikes around ULFA's raising day.
>>  Rajbonghi belongs to 709 battalion of the outfit while Kalita is from
>>  27 battalion.Senior police officials informed that both the ULFA cadres
>>  were well trained to use weapons and explosives.
>>  Meanwhile,
>>  the police have intensified raids and search operations all over the
>>  state in the run up ULFA's raising day as a precautionary measure.
>>  Guwahati police have made an appeal to the city residents to remain
>>  alert about any new faces in their locality and immediately inform the
>>  police in case they notice any suspicious movements in their areas. source:
>>  rediff.com
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