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Guahati PWD engineers and the accomplices do not? wish to perform their duties. Why is that so?? Is it because? the Assamese are genetically handicapped?
> Or is it because the Guahatians are so? Or could there be more intelligent? inferences to be drawn? > I ask the questions to help you think it thru. Now don't go silent and tell us why you think things are the way they are.
> Finally, the designs of the roads, sidewalks, manholes, drainage inlets and other accessories that HAVE BEEN built? could not possibly have been designed by anybody with any engineering training.
> Do you disagree?
Let's get things straight;
Money is  LENT by Delhi under JNNURM -Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission-- hence must be Engineered to National NORMS .
That everything is Bogus-Unnecessay-Waste is besides the Point.
The vital  Point is Himanta (Urban Development Minister) needs moneys for Elections/Tv Channel/Toppling Meghalaya Govt  dictates necessity.
Pucca drain is "Sweeping Under The Carpet"( for 1 Minute downpour) .Everybody Saw/Seeing/Will See  what happens after 1 smart shower.
In the last 2 days all such drain's   8" thick RCC  covers are seen being opened with heavy earthmovers and fleets of Lorries/men carring the muck away. The ideas are:

Sonia+Son visiting on  5th  Apr.

Faint attempt to avoid a shame(and a few less votes) on 16th AFTER the Pre-Bihu  GOU-GAA-DHUWUWAA -PANEE   showers surely coming  before 14th.    One samart ZAGOL  has come has come in last 2 days.

TheAssam PWD  " Engineers" never learnt Engineering. EVER.Their work is done in some Delhi -Contracted Consultant "With Proven Track RECORD  -and with minimum Work-order values exeeding 1Crore in previous 3 years"

Is it all Clear?

Wonder Who is this Dutta. A CRYBABY?
UB wrote:  Crybaby
< > I am bit unwilling to join in the discussions right now. But I want to inform you and others of this forum that Guwahati is getting Rs.1681 crores from Japan. 90% will be repaid by Union Government. 10% is state government liability @ 1% for 30 years. It is for northern and central south portion of Guwahati to ensure 100% water supply coverage. Incidentally, an Assamse Sri Sanjay Krishna, an IAS officer, has signed the agreement for GOI.
> What would be the projection based on earlier experiences?
<getting Rs.1681 crores from Japan>  Q's:

JAPAN TO ASSAM  free gift?

90% Repayed By UNION=--For love of Assam? Or eternally mortgaging assam?

10% is state government liability @ 1% for 30 years.   Did the Assamese agree in a referendum for spending the 2 above into Guahati . Why Guahati-not Dhokuakhwona?

ensure 100% water supply coverage: Himanta said on TV "24 HOURS A DAY -AT FULL PRESSURE"  He did not say Free. What if nobody buys but get billed all the same?

Assamse Sri Sanjay Krishna, an IAS-- Is this an attempt to please the Assamese or to Pass the Bum-Deal  as "Your Very Own penned it-- so do not blame us"?
Yours Truly was called to the 1st meeting organized by an NGO to hear the Japanese +Himanta's Commissioner.
Yours Truly said -"Guahati has ample Groundwater. I can supply a Lakh cheap Electrocoagulators to disinfect/sweeten/deiron/defluoridize their drinking water source--(2Litres./day) . And who told these people to come to Guahati without ensuring water Supply. Guahati has a huge Public Health Engineering Framework--what do they do for a living? You don't need Japs to teach Assamese how to drink-Surely?  Clarify -who is the big LOSER?
Everybody Clapped. 
End of Story!!!
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