[Assam] [SupportAChild-Assam] Assamese write-up on the work of Andrew Wiles

Manjil Saikia manjil at gonitsora.com
Sun Jun 19 06:57:24 PDT 2016

Dear Ankur Da,

Yes, indeed the article is really good. We (me and Pankaj Mahanta) have
been planning for a long time to write a book with ten essays on
mathematics and mathematicians in Assamese. Somehow the project has not
gone very far ahead. We have three essays so far only.

With regards,

On Wed, Jun 8, 2016 at 12:21 AM, Ankur Bora ankur_bora2000 at yahoo.com
[SupportAChild-Assam] <SupportAChild-Assam at yahoogroups.com> wrote:

> Thanks Manjil  for the posting .
> The article by Pankaj is superb – I was thoroughly captivated by the
> narration. Although the topic is mathematics, his deft use of Assamese
> words is clear enough to be easily comprehensible to the intended audience.
> Fermat's Last Theorem has captivated the world for last four hundred
> years partly because of its deceptive simplicity. Sir Andrew Wiles
> solution to the Theorem is certainly one of the most supreme human
> intellectual achievements. However, Andrew Wiles proof  is based on complex mathematical
> fields,  while there are still many believer’s in  Fermat’s those
> enigmatic words in the form of a note scribbled in the *margin* of  a text
>  book
> “I have discovered a truly remarkable proof which this *margin* is too
> small to contain.”
> I am sharing the Pankaj article link below.
> অশ্ৰুসিক্ত এন্ড্ৰু ৱাইলছ মূক হৈ ৰোৱা মুহূৰ্তটো - Gonit Sora: Assamese
> <http://as.gonitsora.com/andrew-wiles-fermats-last-theorem/>
> অশ্ৰুসিক্ত এন্ড্ৰু ৱাইলছ মূক হৈ ৰোৱা মুহূৰ্তটো - Gonit Sora: Assamese
> “Few results have as rich a mathematical history and as dramatic a proof
> as Fermat’s Last Theorem.” — The Abel C...
> <http://as.gonitsora.com/andrew-wiles-fermats-last-theorem/>
> Ankur
> On Monday, June 6, 2016 9:06 AM, "Manjil Saikia manjil at gonitsora.com
> [SupportAChild-Assam]" <SupportAChild-Assam at yahoogroups.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Recently Sir Andrew Wiles was awarded the 2016 Abel Prize in mathematics,
> a prize equal in stature with the Nobel prizes. Sir Wiles was awarded this
> prize for his remarkable achievement of proving Fermat's Last Theorem in
> 1993-94. Fermat's Last Theorem deals with something called diophantine
> equations in mathematics and had eluded scores of brilliant mathematicians
> for close to 360 years until Sir Wiles proved the result in a herculean
> effort spanning 7 years and over 100 journal pages. This is in my opinion
> one of the most supreme human intellectual achievements.
> Pankaj Jyoti Mahanta has written the most wonderful popular math article
> that I have ever read, about this saga. The article can be read in its
> entirety here http://as.gonitsora.com/andrew-wiles-fermats-last-theorem/.
> It is also appearing as a two part article in Niyomiya Barta. I would urge
> the members to share this article with young students, so that they can be
> motivated from the example of Sir Wiles.
> With regards,
> Manjil Saikia
> Research Fellow
> Faculty of Mathematics
> University of Vienna
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