[Assam] The "forbidden" rice of China is now cultivated in Assam

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Wahid da,
I have tasted black rice from Dudhnoi area. It's quite good, and is availalble in the market in that area (particularly in Rajapara, a major Jakhalabandha-type stoppage for people travelling to Tura, Goalpara, etc.., and in Dudhnoi, Agia also) for Rs 150-200 per kg. It has got great potential as an agricultural product that Assam can really exploit to target outside markets.
I am sure you know that black rice is very common in Manipur, and Manipuris make taste Payox out of it. I recently got a kg from Imphal when I was there.
For your info, black rice is sometimes served at Rosang Cafe in Delhi's Green Park Area (which is the only restaurant I know of that serves cuisine from all 8 NE states, and is run by a lady who is from Churachandpur).
regards,Utpal Borpujari

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At Rs 250/kg this black rice variety makes remote Assam farmers rich


Extra information <http://draxe.com/forbidden-rice/>  for those who are
interested in the black rice.


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